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Review – Ambiguous by Leslie McAdam

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Ambiguous; IOU #1 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: April 13, 2022

Genre/Tropes: MM/Rockstar/Forbidden Romance

Author: Leslie McAdam

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



This is the kind of book where I’m shouting, YES! over and over for all the monumental moments.

Julian Hill and Sam Stone are both beautiful people inside and out. Both men stood on morals of who they are, what they stand for and are proud of the men they portrayed in society. While Julian is an international rock star, Sam is more locally known within the community as the face of his grandfather’s political campaign supporting LGBTQ rights. While they each live a different life under the spotlight, I adored how they supported one another and brought out each others strengths and were there to lift up the other during their weaknesses.

Jules always come across as ambiguous, never stating what box he fit in, wearing whatever he desires regardless of gender conformity, and continually states his sexuality is a private matter. I LOVE him so much. I’ve said this very thing for years. I’ve personally never understood what someone’s orientation has to do with their job performance, or ability to help, or basically anything outside the bedroom. Julian is firm in this belief and never wavers, but his speech as to why is absolutely glorious.

When Sam first meets Jules it’s an adorkable meet cute, but begins their intense chemistry and work related friendship that turns into much more.

Sam Stone has always lived his life outside of the closet, a firm believer in standing up for LGBTQ rights and being the face for his grandfather’s campaign of those rights. Sam is organized, dislikes clutter and labels everything. Meeting and having feelings for Julian shouldn’t make sense, especially someone who lives their life without labels, but these two connect in a beautiful way and their story is magical.

Jules and Sam light up the pages from the heated time spent together before the clothes come off, to stolen kisses, to finally hitting the sheets. They are sweetly cute in getting to know one another before steaming it up and I loved every moment.

Ambiguous hit all the sweet spots, with the right amount of tension to make me bite my nails until everything worked out. Leslie McAdam knows how to build the tension while writing a wonderful plot.


Love is for other people, not for me.

At least that’s what I believed, until I met him.

Julian Hill.

The most famous rock star on the planet. A music god with untidy hair and the voice of an angel.

I’ll never be anything but out, and he has very good reasons to stay in the closet.

After all, every move he makes is dissected, critiqued, and posted on social media, so he just wants a little privacy.

I understand that. Truly.

But no one makes me feel the way he does, and I’m pretty sure he has feelings for me as well.

Which is inconvenient since his record label hired me to sue him.

I should’ve sorted things out before I kissed him.


Ambiguous is a forbidden mm rock star romance about a fashion-forward singer who hates labels of all kinds (except for clothing), a dapper attorney who already has a (fake) boyfriend for a very good reason, and the possibility of love saving the day.

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