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Review – A Chance Encounter by Nikki Ash

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A Chance Encounter 
(A standalone)

Publication Date: April 21, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Single Mom/Surprise Pregnancy/Contemporary Romance

Author: Nikki Ash

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



Wonderful, perfect, and contains the best book boyfriend ever!!

A Chance Encounter is one of those books that checks off every box for reading perfection! A story that flowed, has wonderful characters, low angst, amazing secondary characters, an adorable child who offers the perfect comedy relief, and chemistry through the roof. It’s the kind of book that you don’t want to end.

Sophia Davis has been burned by men her entire life, so when Easton Blackwood comes along and actually steps up her trust is nil. No matter how hard he tries to break down her walls, she really wants to believe, but trusting someone is hard. She’s a total firecracker and continually pushes him away and while that might be some of the attraction to him, it also entails so much more.

Easton is super swoony and basically the perfect man. He’s attentive, giving, and caring. If he didn’t live in the spotlight, where the paparazzi has access to his life and he lives on the road, he would be perfect for Sophia, but that trust I was talking about, the last man who broke her down…well, he shattered her by pushing her into the shadows and living life out of them is terrifying.

Everything from their meet-cute is charming and steamy and continues that way to the very end. I loved this book and was thrilled that the Blackwoods will continue with a new generation.


What do you get when a single mom saves a musician from a killer bee?


When I was eighteen, I fell in love, but he didn’t love me back. The day he found out about my pregnancy, I found out about his fiancée.

He warned if I ever told anyone, he would destroy me. So I kept the pregnancy a secret and disappeared.

Being scorned has left me jaded, but it’s also made me stronger. All my love and attention is focused on raising my daughter.

There isn’t room in our lives, or in my heart, for anyone else… until a chance encounter with Easton Blackwood changes everything.


Music has always been my one true love, but when a stunningly beautiful woman saves me from a killer bee, it just might be love at first sight.

One minute she’s slapping me with her flip-flop and the next we’re naked in my bed. With every kiss, every touch, I have no doubt Sophia could be the one, until she dashes from my bed without a trace.

After weeks of our time together replaying in my mind, she appears back in my life, with a confession that sends my world into a tailspin.

She thinks the bomb she’s dropped will send me running, but she’s wrong. The last guy might have done that, but I’ll fight for her, for our love, for our family. And I’ll stop at nothing to protect what’s mine.

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