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Review – The Wrong Boy by Ashley Munoz

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The Wrong Boy; All American Boy Series
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 10, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Second Chance Romance/Contemporary Romance

Author: Ashley Munoz

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A quick, second chance read with steam and angst.

Tilly Banks needs repairs on her Inn, it’s in a state of disrepair and to keep guests booking, she needs to fix and update her lodgings. However, in the small town of Deacon, there is only one contractor and she refuses to use him. That is until he gets wind of her intentions and none other than her ex-boyfriend shows up on her doorstep telling her he will be the one to do the renovations and she needs to let their past go. That’s hard to do when they have been actively avoiding one another for the past five years, but suddenly she can’t seem to avoid him and when Oaks becomes her only option to update her family B&B she might have to concede.

Jonathan Oaks is still bruised from when Tilly dumped him five years ago, but he’s moved on, basically. He never really sees Tilly around, so that made it easier, but when he hears that she’s trying to update the Inn and seeking contractors outside of town for bids, she’s finally pushed their truce too far. This time Oaks won’t take no for an answer and he’s not walking away. Oaks wants answers from what happened five years ago, but he also wants to help. There is a lot of intense feelings between these two that will only get resolved if they stop avoiding each other.

Tilly and Oaks have a messy past, with a lot of hurt and unresolved anger, but if they can just push aside all of their pride, look past all of their mistakes, and get to the underbelly of where their true emotions lie, these two are pretty fantastic together.

Having a bed and breakfast with just one communal bathroom wasn’t working, and it was past time to bite the bullet and upgrade the inn.

There was just one small problem: In the small town of Deacon, Texas, there was only one contractor.

Yep, just one: Jonathan Oaks.

But it didn’t matter how skilled he was at building things when all I knew about him was how good at breaking my heart he was.

Five years could put a lot into perspective, but it wasn’t enough time to make me forget that he was the wrong boy for me then and he’d be the wrong boy for the job now.

I should have known better.

Jonathan Oaks wasn’t about to lose the chance to renovate my inn, or to rub in my face that he’d been right about us all along.

Part of the All American Boy Series

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