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Review – Over Time by Ella Kade


Over Time; Willow Bay #3
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 13, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Student-Professor/Age Gap/New Adult/MM Romance

Author: Ella Kade

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



A page turning, steamy read about healing. It’s full of forbidden themes and one broken, broody man and the professor who can’t help fall for him, but it gripped me from page one and held me in it’s emotional grips until the very last page.

I really liked this fast paced story, that wasn’t filled with a lot of extra fluff. For the most part, Over Time was focused on Ford and the trauma he was going through along the relationship between Ford and Xander. There weren’t fifty other side stories that needed wrapping up, nor was there a ton of extra angst that drug the story out ten hours keeping me up waaaaaaayyyy past my bedtime. I appreciated the consideration. LOL. Okay, all kidding aside, The story moves along at a very quick pace and that means I started and finished it within a few hours. It was engaging and page turning and I never once set it down to get another chore done.

Ford and Xander meet over the summer and neither knew they were teacher or student, but the attraction is already there and the path is already set. When the school year begins things definitely become complicated, but even more so with the emotional turmoil that is Ford’s life. The professor inside Xander just wants to help him, even when Ford is nothing by dismissive of him, but these two are not only steamy together, but their emotional connection is fantastic.

An excellent, quick MM romance.

I’ve been keeping secrets from my roommates, but my one-night stand just outed me. Now they knew I was bi, and that I just hooked up with one of the professors at our school.

They wanted to know why I wasn’t the happy-go-lucky guy I was before I going home for the summer, but I’m not ready for them to learn why.

Everything changed for the worst this summer.

It was a secret that kept me up at night. A secret that devastated me to the point I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be the same again.

How could I concentrate on school when my whole world was upside down? I had more important things to worry about. Namely, my one-night very drunken stand who kept showing up in my life.

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Cover Reveal – A Vicious Rumor by Ivy Wild

Lily White is out of my league,
but apparently, that’s not going to stop me.

A Vicious Rumor, an all-new dark bully romance from USA Today bestselling author Ivy Wild is coming May 27th, and we have the first look at the stunning cover!


The first time I met Tyson Stone, he gave me a bloody nose.
He didn’t mean to hit me, he was fighting this other kid, but let’s just say I’d take the pain of his fist over his cruelness any day of the week.
Five years after this incident, and I’m in his shark tank.
His domain. His kingdom. His prep school.
Freefalling for him is a recipe for disaster, but that’s what happens nonetheless.
Then he starts pushing me away for no reason, but there’s one thing he forgets.
I’m not one of his disposable flings. I’m worthy, I’m a catch, and if he doesn’t realize it…well, then his arch-enemy will.
Dating the guy he hates the most could backfire.
But I’ve always been good at playing with matches.


My life is a series of calamities strung together by blood and bad press.
Wherever I go, trouble follows.
Now, normally I’m not a charitable guy, but when I pass on Lily White’s delectable body, it is entirely for her own good.
Call me an altruistic jerk, but I just don’t want to see her hurt.
That’s until she starts dating the guy I loathe more than anything else in the world.
That’s when all bets are off.
We’re playing a dangerous game, she and I.
The rumors are starting to swirl, and so are some dangerous thoughts about what I can do to her.
Lily White is out of my league,
but apparently, that’s not going to stop me.

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Cover Designed by: @ms_thebetty
Photography by: @miguelanxofoto
Model: @sergiocarvajal7

About Ivy
Writer of all things untamed, romantic and free, Ivy Wild never planned on becoming a romance novelist. In fact, she hated romance as a kid and was quite proud of that fact. Basically, life is weird.

Married to her own alpha hero, she currently lives in various places of the world at various times thanks to his military career.

Her current side hustle is being a lawyer.

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Blog Tour – In Between by Andi Jaxon

IN BETWEEN by Andi Jaxon

Release Date: May 5th

Genre/Tropes: MMF/ Interracial/Small Town Romance/High School/Darkish

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I’m the preacher’s daughter.
Dylan is the punk son of the bigoted sheriff.
Julian the new kid in town everyone talks about in whispers and avoids like the plague.
Dylan and Julian shouldn’t want each other.
It’s dangerous.
This town won’t accept them and yet I run towards the fire because love deserves a chance.
It’s not just them that’s in danger this time.
They both want me too.
I crave them and all they can offer me.
But I can’t have them.
It’s wrong. Perverted. Immoral. And I’m a good church girl.
At least, that’s what everyone thinks…
Can we hide who we are from a town who’s against us or will we be burned by their hatred?
*This is Mary’s story and can be read as a stand alone but will be best enjoyed after reading Bully King. This is an interracial MMF story and will have triggering language and situations due to racism and homophobia. Please proceed with caution.

Read Kay’s Review: In Between

About the Author:
Sarcastic and snarky, I love to laugh and read dark fucked up shit. I write about tortured pasts and hot sex, a happily ever after that has to be worked for. My stories tend to be a little dark but with some comic relief, typically in the form of sarcasm.
I like to dabble in a little of everything when it comes to stories. Romantic suspense, MM, a bit of erotica, with plans for Greek retellings, maybe some fairytale retellings, and some shifters. I write broken people who fight for their happily ever after, in all the many forms it takes.
I married a sexy man in uniform who let me spawn and am now raising a mutinous army of hell raisers that I created myself, all while he defends our country. I drink too much coffee and am sexually frustrated for your freedom. If you see me online, I’m probably sitting in a closet, hiding from my kids.
I have a ridiculous addiction to Archer, Sherlock, Supernatural, and The Big Bang Theory. I live my life spewing TV quotes and sarcasm. I’m a self confessed ass, not easily offended, and I love to laugh, almost as much as I love sleep. My laundry is rarely folded or put away and I have probably only showered once this week.
I hate schedules and planning, I have calendars, planners, and my phone yet can’t remember anything. Somehow, I’ve managed to keep 3 kids alive but I really need to become an adultier adult.

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Blog Tour – A Rival’s Kiss by Maya Hughes


In two days, I’d face off against her brother and I had to hope 

what happened on the field didn’t kill what was growing between us.

A Rival’s Kiss by Maya Hughes is now live!

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!



Walking away would be the smartest decision, but no one’s ever accused me of being smart. Cold, determined, brutal, but never smart. 

Willa’s mine from the moment I rescue her. I protect her from a brawling crowd and she stares up at me like I’m her prince charming. No one’s ever looked at me like that. No one has ever dared to come that close. 

I didn’t know she was the little sister of one of my biggest rivals. Her brother and I have both drawn blood on the field, dislocated joints, broken bones, but I’ll never want to show her that side of me. 

I long to be the man she believes I am, but there’s only one way I know how to win—how to survive—and that’s ensuring my enemies lose. 

Once he finds out who his sister has been dating it’ll be all-out war, and I might lose the only woman who’s ever looked at me like I’m not built only for destruction. 

Changing my ways won’t be easy, but I’m willing to risk it all for her. 

Book 3 in the new Fulton Rivals series – St Francis University campus world!

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“At your place, I can give you your present.” She nibbled on her bottom lip and I laid on the gas to find out what she had in mind. We hadn’t been apart long, but she’d been on my mind the entire time I hadn’t been on the field. 

“You know we’ve got at least another hour until we get to campus.”

Her grin widened. “Waiting will make it even better once we get there.” 

“You’re killing me, Willa.” I shoved down the urge to slam on the accelerator to get us there faster. 

“Sorry, I swear I’ll be good.” She crossed her fingers over her heart. “I can’t believe you came. I’ve spent the last couple weeks unsure if you wanted to see me.” She glanced down at her hands. One thumb brushed over the knuckle of the other. “When I sent the text, I wasn’t sure how you’d respond since you haven’t said as much since Christmas, but I also know you’re busy getting ready for the playoffs.” She moved one hand and the other like she was trying to reason with herself about why I hadn’t had as much to say in our texts. 

“I figured you were busy with your family.” I hated myself for making her doubt for one second how I felt. Forgetting her brother. Forgetting the distance between us. Forgetting what I should be focusing on, I pulled over into the emergency lane of the highway.

She glanced behind her and braced her hands on the seat and peeling dashboard. “What are you doing?” 

 My seatbelt clicked as I released it and I took off my hat and kissed her again. 

I let loose every emotion racing through me from the minute I left her hotel room until she stood in front of me by the baggage claim. The flood of feelings staggered me. Like a valve released on a dam that had been threatening to burst for years. 

Her fingers gripped my coat tight and when I broke the kiss, feeling out of breath like I’d run in a touchdown after an interception, she looked up at me and licked her lips. The ones I couldn’t wait to taste again. 

“Sorry, I freaked you out. And sorry I screwed up picking you up at the airport.” 

“I don’t mind,” her whispered breathless words threatened the dam bursting completely. “Keep screwing up like that and I’ll have to keep you.”

It was like a lava bomb went off in my chest. 

She so easily said things that would topple my world. Keep me. No one ever kept me. No one ever cared enough.



Maya Hughes, that’s me!, can often be found sneaking in another chapter while hiding in the bathroom from her kids! 🙂 I’m a romance writer who loves taking inspiration from everyday life, namely my husband and biggest fan. Inspiration also strikes when I hear a song, meet someone new or daydream while at soccer practice.

I love writing stories that capture the possibilities of the paths less travelled and enjoy experiencing life through my characters’ eyes.

I’m the mom of three little ones, the wife to an amazing husband and also work full time. Some of my favorite things are cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, white wine, laughing until I can’t breathe, traveling with my family and Jeff Goldblum. 






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