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Review – Kiss My Giraffe by Erin Nicholas

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Kiss My Giraffe; Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild #7
(An interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 17, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Opposites Attract/Grumpy-Sunshine/Small Town/Romantic Comedy

Author: Erin Nicholas

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Oh. My. Sweetberry Biscuits!!! I thought I was ready for Knox and Fiona. I thought after all the Laundry men and their BIG love I was prepared. I am stating for the record Kiss My Giraffe is the best closer in the history of closers. P.S. I was not prepared for the greatness of this book.

I never saw the reveals coming. My mind was blown with secrets uncovered, one after another. THEN, the beautiful moments spent with each secondary character. I wanted to bask in the wise words from Ellie or insightful thoughts from Mitch or Drew, or so many other characters it would take a full page to list them all. Erin spread out those tiny reflective moments throughout the entire book which made it feel like taking a journey right beside both Fiona and Knox. Two people who both love the town and its people and may not exactly be a Laundry, but were included like family nonetheless. It’s that sense of family and togetherness that draws me back to these books time and time again and is at the heart of this book in particular.

Fiona and Knox have been playing the longest game of foreplay ever. For two years they have been dancing around each other and it’s finally time, except not really. When Knox finds out that Fiona is going to be his next door neighbor, the whole friends with benefits arrangement he thought he was going to have with her is suddenly off. Knox only does long distance relationships and knowing Fiona is going to be literally right in his back yard means there will be no more benefit to their friendship. Well, you get my drift.

Kiss My Giraffe is full with all the small town bayou love with lots of new twists and turns that I never, ever saw coming. Knox is super intense (that was no shocker), but he is also insanely sweet. His super squishy center is super-duper swoony and I’m constantly blown away that everytime Erin writes a new book the new hero ends up kicking out the old one for my favorite. Although Knox and Zander are close friends, maybe they could share the pedestal this time.

Fiona holds true for Erin’s fierce and take charge heroines. Her loud and obnoxious purple truck should speak for itself, but even without that, the way she conducts a rescue mission, speaks for the abused animals that have no voice and never once backed down from Knox himself told him everything he ever needed to know, she is his perfect woman…if she wasn’t living right next door.

I will not say this book is bittersweet, since the bayou isn’t totally leaving, just heading in another direction. It was just all the sweetness and like I stated at the very beginning, it held the very best of this entire series. I loved it and could continue to gush for hours, but instead, go read it and find out for yourself!

Enemies to friends to almost lovers…then back to kind-of enemies…to lovers. For a guy who wanted to keep things simple this is anything but.

Fiona knew Knox would be mad when she moved in next door.
And not because she brought a collection of wild animals with her.

And she was right.

So she intended to leave him alone. Mostly.

But he’s not ignoring her. He’s actively working to send her and her “ridiculous menagerie” (rude) right back out of town.

Still, as hard as she tries, it’s impossible to stop thinking about the small town grump’s long hair and tattoos and that mouth.

Not the one that’s almost always set in a grim line and says things like, “you got a permit for that?”

Nope, the one that kisses her like she’s everything he’s ever wanted and says very dirty things in her ear. And sweet, protective, supportive things. Sometimes. Accidentally. When she catches him off-guard.

The one that also says he only wants a long-distance fling with her. Nothing serious. And that he never dates women he sees every day. Like his neighbor.

Well, fine. If he doesn’t want her—and her unbelievable past and that-can’t-be-real future—then she doesn’t want him either. He can just kiss her…giraffe. (Yeah, she actually has a couple of those.)

Now she just needs to convince her heart to give him up.

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