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Review – Wild About You by Rebecca Jenshak

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Wild About You; Wildcat Hockey #2
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 17, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Sports Romance/Second-Chance Romance

Author: Rebecca Jenshak

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A slow burn, second chance romance with a totally swoon-worthy hockey player.

Tyler Sharp is probably the most mature, responsible, yet young, hockey player I’ve had the pleasure of reading. He never takes his eye off of his goals and sadly that involved breaking the only love of his life’s heart four years ago.

Hockey has always consumed Tyler’s life and four years ago he tried to spread his time between having a girlfriend and hockey, but he could see the strain it was having on Piper missing out on enjoying her final year in high school. He broke up with her so she could actually enjoy her final year, but instead it shattered both of their hearts. Now it’s four years later and for the first time they are running into each other and this time Tyler doesn’t plan to let her go.

I empathized with these characters and this story, being a product of a second chance romance myself.  Piper’s broken feelings, gaining back the level of trust and eventually opening herself back up to the man who shattered her entire world was like walking back through time.

Tyler becomes responsible for his sister and Piper is thankfully there to lend a hand. Tyler’s sister, Everly, is a troubled teen, but Piper sees Everly through a different light. While it’s difficult at first to be around Tyler while she’s spending time with Everly, in no time at all reconnecting with Tyler is just like old times and she’s easily opening up her heart again.

Tyler and Piper’s chemistry is there from the very beginning, but their relationship is a slow build. Completely understandable given their past, but I loved reading how their love built again brick by brick, surrounded by their surrogate hockey family.

I not only loved Tyler and how much he cared about his sister, but I also loved the entire hockey team and their bond. Every single player on the Wildcats are like big brothers to Everly and brothers to each other on the team, in short they are a family. Their bond to each other is just another aspect I love to read in this series.  I could read Jenshak’s books and never tire of this world.

A month ago, I was a rookie with the best stats in the league. I was traveling the world, playing hockey, and making more money than I ever dreamed.

Then my sister showed up on my doorstep, expelled from high school, with nowhere else to go.

I don’t know the first thing about being responsible for a troubled teen, and the team jet isn’t exactly kid-friendly.

Enter Piper. My sister’s new teacher and nanny.

Smart, nurturing, and just as beautiful as I remember.

I fell in love with her four years ago and never stopped.

Too bad she hates my guts.

We need her.

And this time, I’m not letting her go.

Wild About You is a full-length second chance romance with a grumpy NHL player, his teenage sister, and the ex-girlfriend he never forgot.

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Review – The Player and the Single Mom by Erin McCarthy

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The Player and the Single Mom; The Legends #5
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 16, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Age-Gap/Friends-to-Lovers/Single Mom/Sports Romance

Author: Erin McCarthy

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Where can I get my own version of Cash?? This man is the best!!

Not only is he sweet, caring, made for LT relationships, but he’s dirty talking and can I talk for a minute about his in the bedroom skills…YES!?! Is there a one-click option for this man because I need him yesterday.

Player and the Single Mom is not only an adorable book full of children, but it is also full of a hot, sweet man and a very overworked and tired mom. Who else can relate? Well, the overworked and tired mom part, yes.

Cash Young has always dreamed of a family and settling down with the perfect woman. When he meets Sera, even though she comes with three children of her own, he still sees the perfect woman. He convinces her to a vacation away from all of her stress and while he was always hoping for more after their brief affair, even he wasn’t prepared for the news that comes weeks later, but he was excited about it.

If Sera could pick a man to fall for it would be Cash, but her life isn’t easy. Her life comes with three children, a business that is barely hanging on by a thread, and lots of emotional baggage. While she would love to jump into things with Cash she isn’t sure she’s quite ready.

A story full of love, steamy moments, lots of family, and with a hero I want to one click right into my life.

When friends-with-benefits turns into friends-with-a-baby-on-the-way…

It’s supposed to be just a no-strings attached sex-fest with big, brooding, football player Cash Young. He is going to whisk me away for a week in the sunshine while my three kids spend time with their grandparents.

No one screaming, “Mom!” No tears. No absurd homework assignments or problems at the struggling bakery I own, Sugar Lips.

Nothing but cocktails and orgasms for days with a man I’ll never fall in love with.

It’s not that Cash isn’t a great guy, because he totally is. But he’s way too young for me, and way too country boy calm, with that slow drawl, and his insistence on calling me “ma’am.” He thinks it’s respectful, which it’s not. It’s infuriating. And while we’re friends, we’ll never be anything more than that, with a little hot, headboard-banging sex on the side.

Until two pink lines change everything and Cash wants me to go from single mom to Mrs. Sera Young.

But the biggest surprise of all may be that the unexpected idea has a certain, sexy ring to it…

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Year of Releases - 2022

Pre-order BLITZ – Nothing Ventured by Avery Samson

Nothing Ventured by Avery Samson releases on May 19th!
Available on All Platforms

From Contemporary Romance Author Avery Samson comes a brand new romantic comedy full of unexpected laughs and the forever kind of love.

Karlie is a star volleyball player at a small college in New England. Moving into the last available apartment on campus, she has high hopes until she finds its state less than stellar. Deciding to make the best out of a sketchy situation, she soldiers on. Until she locks herself out the first night. No one else has moved in, so she’s left with only one option. Call the university police to help.

Max is just settling into his new, temporary assignment as a police officer on one of the many college campuses in town. Heading home after patrolling the first day of move-in by the fall athletes, he agrees to take one last call. Little does he know what awaits him on the other side of the door. He just has to survive flaming appliances, nipple rings, rabid squirrels, and a basement dwelling chupacabra to win the girl of his dreams.

About the Author:

Avery Samson grew up on a ranch outside of a small west Texas town. Since she could remember, she’s had her face stuck in a book. She left ranch life to attend Texas Christian University where she studied History and English receiving her Bachelor’s degree.

After living all over the state of Texas, she now finds herself back on one of the family ranches near Dallas with her husband surrounded by cattle. When not traveling or reading, she spends her time writing.

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Cover Reveal - 2022, New Releases

Cover Reveal – Tight Ends & Tiaras by Lex Martin

Title: Tight Ends & Tiaras
Author: Lex Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Qamber Designs
Photo: Perrywinkle Photography
Release Date: July 5, 2022
Football is one hundred percent the focus of my life—until a squawking toddler, with a temper to rival my own, lands in my lap and flips my life upside down.

I’ll never be Dad of the Year. Anyone will tell you that. Except maybe Sienna, my sister’s former roommate, who somehow manages to make my broody ass laugh and sees something in me no one else does.
When Sienna offers to let me and my little princess move in with her, I’m not sure if it’s to help or because she wants revenge on my teammate and long-time rival, who broke her heart.
Either way, I’m game. Because I need to get my ex off my back, and Sienna doesn’t mind pretending to be my girlfriend.
Only neither of us is ready for the sparks that fly between us or the consequences when they do.

What to expect:
Slow burn but steamy!
Single father
Sports romance (football)
Fake dating
Friends to lovers
New adult (seniors in college)
Small town
$3.99 for a limited time!

Lex Martin is the USA Today bestselling author of the Texas Nights series (Reckless/Shameless) and the Dearest series. She writes contemporary romances, the sexy kind with lotsa angst, a whole lotta kissing, and the hot happily ever afters. A former high school English teacher and freelance journalist, she’s lived all over the country but currently resides in her hometown of San Antonio with her husband and twin daughters.

Cover Reveal - 2022, New Releases

Cover Reveal – The Ruthless Groom by Monica Murphy

Monica Murphy has revealed the cover for The Ruthless Groom!

Releasing: June 14, 2022

I didn’t plan to marry a reclusive heiress. Lucky for me, I find myself attracted to my beautiful new bride. Our arranged marriage connects two powerful companies. That we’re compatible between the sheets is a bonus, but I didn’t bargain on her ex showing up at the wedding reception uninvited.

That pushed me right over the edge.

I protect what’s mine, and Charlotte is now mine, whether she likes it or not. Our honeymoon is a disaster in paradise. I’m angry. She’s resentful. All those swirling emotions explode in the most physical ways.

But even as I’m drawn closer to my new wife, there’s still a threat looming out there. Seamus McTiernan is determined to destroy what we’ve created.

I won’t let anything tear us apart.

He has no idea who he’s dealing with. I will end him.

Watch me.

Pre-order your copy today!


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Meet Monica

Monica Murphy is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling romance author. Her books have been translated in almost a dozen languages and have sold over two million copies worldwide. Both a traditionally published and independently published author, she writes young adult, new adult and contemporary romance.

A native Californian, she lives on fourteen acres in the middle of nowhere with her husband, son, their goofy dog, and three cats. When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. Or reading. Or binge watching something.

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Cover Reveal - 2022, New Releases

Cover Reveal – Only Coworkers by Charity Ferrell


𝐎𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐂𝐨𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐫𝐬 by Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Charity Ferrell is coming September 13th! We are thrilled to share the cover with you!

#Pre-order today! 




Official blurb coming soon!




PRE-ORDER Only Rivals, Only You, #1, releasing May 17th



Charity Ferrell is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of the Blue Beech and Twisted Fox series. She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. Angst is her happy place, and she loves writing about flawed people finding love.


Facebook Group | Facebook Page | Instagram | Twitter | Amazon | Bookbub | Goodreads | Website | TikTok

2022 New Release/Release Day, Bully Romance, Dark Romance, LGBTQA+, Mafia/Gang/Secret Society Romance, New Adult, Suspense/Intrigue Romance, Year of Releases - 2022, Year of Reviews - 2022

New Release – RUTHLESS KINGDOM by Beecca Steele and C. Lymari


𝗥𝘂𝘁𝗵𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗞𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗱𝗼𝗺, the final book in the Boneyard Kings trilogy from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Becca Steele and author C. Lymari is LIVE!

#1-click today!


Bad things happened in threes, but they turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 

There was no escape from the Boneyard Kings, but now we’re on the same side.

Our enemies came, but we didn’t let them break us. 

They thought they could take us down, but they underestimated our strength. 

Now, three rivals stand against three kings and their queen, and they’re about to see just how ruthless our kingdom can be.

The game of chess is in play, and only one side can claim victory.

Who will be the one to call checkmate?


Amazon Universal:


Catch up with the trilogy:

🖤💀 Merciless Kings – Amazon Universal:

🖤💀 Vicious Queen – Amazon Universal:


Becca Steele is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of M/F and M/M romance. She currently lives in the south of England with her husband, two kids, and a whole horde of characters that reside inside her head.

When she’s not writing, you can find her reading or watching Netflix, usually with a glass of wine in hand. Failing that, she’ll be online hunting for memes, or wasting time making her 500th Spotify playlist.


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Claudia lives in the Chicagoland suburbs, and when she’s not busy chasing after her adorable little spawn, she’s fighting with the characters in her head. After not being able to keep up with them, she decided enough was enough and wrote her first novel. C. Lymari writes both sweet and dark romances that will give you all the feels. Her other talents include binge-watching shows on Netflix and eating all kinds of chips.


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