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Review – Wild About You by Rebecca Jenshak

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Wild About You; Wildcat Hockey #2
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 17, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Sports Romance/Second-Chance Romance

Author: Rebecca Jenshak

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A slow burn, second chance romance with a totally swoon-worthy hockey player.

Tyler Sharp is probably the most mature, responsible, yet young, hockey player I’ve had the pleasure of reading. He never takes his eye off of his goals and sadly that involved breaking the only love of his life’s heart four years ago.

Hockey has always consumed Tyler’s life and four years ago he tried to spread his time between having a girlfriend and hockey, but he could see the strain it was having on Piper missing out on enjoying her final year in high school. He broke up with her so she could actually enjoy her final year, but instead it shattered both of their hearts. Now it’s four years later and for the first time they are running into each other and this time Tyler doesn’t plan to let her go.

I empathized with these characters and this story, being a product of a second chance romance myself.  Piper’s broken feelings, gaining back the level of trust and eventually opening herself back up to the man who shattered her entire world was like walking back through time.

Tyler becomes responsible for his sister and Piper is thankfully there to lend a hand. Tyler’s sister, Everly, is a troubled teen, but Piper sees Everly through a different light. While it’s difficult at first to be around Tyler while she’s spending time with Everly, in no time at all reconnecting with Tyler is just like old times and she’s easily opening up her heart again.

Tyler and Piper’s chemistry is there from the very beginning, but their relationship is a slow build. Completely understandable given their past, but I loved reading how their love built again brick by brick, surrounded by their surrogate hockey family.

I not only loved Tyler and how much he cared about his sister, but I also loved the entire hockey team and their bond. Every single player on the Wildcats are like big brothers to Everly and brothers to each other on the team, in short they are a family. Their bond to each other is just another aspect I love to read in this series.  I could read Jenshak’s books and never tire of this world.

A month ago, I was a rookie with the best stats in the league. I was traveling the world, playing hockey, and making more money than I ever dreamed.

Then my sister showed up on my doorstep, expelled from high school, with nowhere else to go.

I don’t know the first thing about being responsible for a troubled teen, and the team jet isn’t exactly kid-friendly.

Enter Piper. My sister’s new teacher and nanny.

Smart, nurturing, and just as beautiful as I remember.

I fell in love with her four years ago and never stopped.

Too bad she hates my guts.

We need her.

And this time, I’m not letting her go.

Wild About You is a full-length second chance romance with a grumpy NHL player, his teenage sister, and the ex-girlfriend he never forgot.

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