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Review – Nothing Feels Better by Brit Benson

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Nothing Feels Better; Better Love #3
(An interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 23, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Age Gap/Single Parent/Contemporary Romance

Author: Brit Benson

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


I don’t know what I was expecting with this book, but it was so much better than and hit me with so many different emotions that I was blown away and completely captivated by this beautiful story.

I didn’t remember Jesse’s character well from the prior books, but it’s also been a hot minute since I read the last book, with that being said, Nothing Feels Better can be read as a complete standalone and this world and all the characters will still make complete sense.

Jesse Hernandez is fun, flirty, and full of energy and he’s finishing his undergrad and will soon be heading off to med-school in the fall. Jesse has this zest for life and he’s a giant ball of energy, it’s impossible not to like him. When he meets Joselyn, a single mom, with the cutest kids who are drawn to his big ball of happiness it’s really hard to say no to him. Even when she tries to brush him off, understanding she’s overwhelmed with life, Jesse finds he can’t stay away either. He is drawn to Joss like he hasn’t been drawn to anyone else in a really long time.When he sees an opportunity to help, because he actually loves her adorable kids, it allows him time to spend with her and spend time with his emotional support pirate – yes, it’s super, cute thing – so it’s a win-win.

Jocelyn is tired, working to support her two children, going to school to get a better job, and really doesn’t have time to date, but saying no to the enigmatic man who continues to show up and help, which is more than she can say for her ex, well, it’s almost difficult, especially when her kids adore Jesse. She knows she can’t have more than a few weeks with him, he’s leaving for medical school after all, but maybe a few weeks will be enough to last a lifetime. She truly prays it will be enough.

Not only are Jesse and Jocelyn perfect in their growing relationship, which has a lot of emotional pains, but Jocelyn’s children…be still my heart, they are the frosting, sprinkles, and sparklers on top of this delicious story cake. Jude who’s four and June who is eight are the absolute best and the total heart of this entire story. My eyes were misty, or I was busting out laughing every time they were on the page and they were integral to the plot.

Jesse has tons of swagger, but he’s not cocky. He’s compassionate and understanding without being condescending. Jesse is the full package. His found family fits perfectly into Jocelyn’s life and her sweet children adore him and his friends. As June tells him Jesse’s superpower is loving everyone around him and it radiates from every pore.

I could go on and on about him, the brilliant children and how much Joss needed something wonderful in her life, but instead I’ll finish with Nothing Feels Better is one of those books that swoops in when you don’t expect it and can leave a lasting impression. It’s very well done.

Jesse Hernandez has infiltrated my life.

The gorgeous, exciting, genius of a man who hangs out next door.
Who happens to be younger than me.
And in college.
And heading to medical school in just a few short months.

It started innocently enough.
The occasional run-in.
A few chance encounters.
An offer to babysit.
An offer for…more.

But then it snowballed.

Now, I only know two things for certain.
One, for the first time in my entire life, I’m not an afterthought.
And two, this will end very, very badly.

My kids. My job. His future.
It’s all at risk.

Jesse Hernandez has infiltrated my life, and if I’m not careful, we will all be in tatters when he leaves.


Nothing Feels Better is the third interconnected standalone in the Better Love series by Brit Benson.

This single-parent, opposites attract romance is sassy, sexy, and has a guaranteed HEA.

It is not necessary to read the other books in the Better Love series in order to enjoy Nothing Feels Better

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