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Review – The One Month Boyfriend by Roxie Noir

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The One Month Boyfriend; Wildwood Society #1
(An interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: May 24, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Contemporary/Opposites Attract/Enemies-to-Lovers/Small Town Romance

Author: Roxie Noir

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Silas and Kat are long standing enemies, always at each other’s throats, so how did they come to an arrangement of being boyfriend and girlfriend? When they both have a common enemy that they want to take town, that’s how.

Kat wants to get back at her ex and Silas really enjoys getting under the skin of said ex, plus he needs a plus-one for work events so for him setting their differences aside for one month to achieve all of their goals is all a win-win.

Neither ever thought spending time together would heal the huge cavern between them, nor would they ever have expected to begin healing their own souls. And prepare for one of the steamiest, nakey scenes…whew!! Hot, hot, hot.

Interconnected to the Loveless series, but completely a standalone in a new world, Silas is best friend to Levi Loveless and is brother to June (now Loveless).

Where the Loveless series definitely fell into the romcom genre and just felt overall lighter, this particular book had a heavier weight to it. It covers a lot of topics that have substance and depth which balance out the romance aspect. Since this is book one in a new series, I’m curious if this will be the theme for each book, balancing the heavy with the light. I can’t wait to find out.

It’s a simple agreement: for one month, Silas is my boyfriend of convenience.
Once this is over, we’ll go our separate ways. It’s fake, after all.

I need some arm candy to prove to my ex-fiancé that I’ve moved on.
He needs his old-fashioned boss to think he’s ready to settle down.
Perfect, right? Except for one minor detail: we can’t stand each other.

Silas thinks I’m a stuck-up ice queen. I think he’s a cocky, obnoxious jerk who’s always trying to charm his way out of trouble – and succeeding.
He’s the beloved golden boy. I’m the awkward new girl in town.

It would be the worst idea ever, except… everyone falls for it.
That’s the thing about pretending to date someone: it looks just like real dating.
And the other thing about pretending to date someone? It feels like real dating.

The heated kisses in my office: fake.
The possessive way he touches me: fake.
The night we spend together in a hotel bed: …maybe not so fake.

One month. Then this charade is over.

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