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Review – One for the Money by Skye Warren

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One for the Money; #1
(#1 within a series)

Publication Date: May 31, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Book Duet/Midnight Dynasty/Fake Dating/Contemporary Romance

Author: Skye Warren

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A brilliant addition to the Midnight Dynasty, Eva Morelli and Finn Hughes are amazing together.

Eva Morelli is the eldest daughter, known as the planner, the fixer, the one her siblings run if they also need a hug. She is basically the mother to all of her younger siblings without actually having the title which is part of the problem when it comes to her lack of social life and even thinking of having a future. How can she have one when she’s already busy taking care of one family, who would ever understand her life?

Finn Hughes is a man who comes from generations old wealth. He’s very familiar with the weight of his name and the pressure of family secrets. He’s always admired Eva and the silent strength she possesses. When Eva asks Finn if he’d be interested in fake dating him, a relationship that would benefit them both; keeping mother’s out of their personal life, pressure off of them socially and so forth, it is a win-win, especially when it continues to put them together which Finn loves.

Spending time together has it benefits, but as Finn and Eva get closer it might also be their detriment. Neither actually want to have a real relationship, but if they did they both would choose the other.

Eva and Finn are both two selfless and truly beautiful people. I love how this book highlighted how hard they work for their families, but when they spent time together their focus is narrowed down to just the two of them and their intense chemistry for each other. It made the book unputdownable and the need to know how everything would turn out a burning need.

For both families there are several appearances from siblings, which I loved. This addition to the series was absolutely perfect! I can hardly wait for the next book to arrive.

Finn Hughes knows about secrets. His family is as wealthy as the Rockefellers. And as powerful as the Kennedys. No one knows that the men in his line have a debilitating, early-onset illness. He’s managed the business from a young age while his father served as the figurehead. All the while knowing there’s a ticking clock on his ability to lead.

Eva Morelli is the oldest daughter. The responsible one. The caring one. The one who doesn’t have time for her own interests.

Especially not her interest in the charismatic, mysterious Finn Hughes.

A fake relationship is the answer to both their problems.

It will keep the swarming society mothers from throwing their daughters at him.

And it will keep Eva’s mother from bothering her about marriage.

Then the fake relationship starts to feel real.

But there’s no chance for them. No hope for a woman who’s had her heart broken. And no future for a man whose fate was decided long ago.

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