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Review – Crossing Borders by Marie James

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Crossing Borders; Blackbridge Security #10
(#10 within a series)

Publication Date: June 9, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Fake Boyfriend/Bodyguard/MM Romance

Author: Marie James

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


I can hardly wait for everyone else to discover how fantastic Brooks and Archer are together!! I loved their story and this book was the perfect culmination to the end of the Blackbridge series.

There have been hints, easter eggs, and small teasers for multiple books now on what could be happening in Brooks’ professional and personal life, but nothing like the bombs dropped in the last book that actually confirmed what was coming down the pipeline. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was ecstatic to have it all actually confirmed and even more so that their story was absolutely delicious and totally delightful!!

Brooks’ job within the security company would appear to be one of the easier ones, but could also be one of the toughest depending on if you were a people person or not. He is assigned to high profile cases as, the best word I can think of, as an escort, but he’s also a bodyguard. His boyfriend type of services are in the public eye while he provides security. When he’s assigned to Archer Bremen, a rockstar, he’s never been the boyfriend to a man, but it doesn’t deter him from doing his job, nor doing it professionally. What Brooks isn’t prepared for is the feelings Archer stirs up in him considering Brooks has only ever been with women and considered himself straight, but perhaps his outlook on his personal life just shifted. Brooks’ bi-wakening was written so well, I loved taking the journey with him.

Archer needs the help of Blackbridge Security when he blows up his life in a big way. He’s a famous rockstar that not only came out of the closet in a very public way, but blowing up his life has a lot more to do with the way he tried to shove himself back into it. Archer is a storm of a mess, but being around Brooks is when you see him calm and actually trying to be a better man. While he does push Brooks, a lot, he also is a sensitive soul, with a big heart and his vulnerability will break down just about anyone’s walls. He’s a bit manic, he is a soulful rockstar afterall, but his sweet soul really won me over and at the end of the day, these two together are just perfect.

This book travels down the timeline of multiple Blackbridge stories, while the tension and chemistry builds to a delicious level between Brooks and Archer. Dropping all of those teasers back into their appropriate spots made all the anticipation well worth the wait. I adored revisiting some of my favorite moments throughout the series while digging deeper into what all of those hints really were. This book is best enjoyed if the series has been read in order, but if you’ve missed a book or two, you could still jump into their love story and follow along with no problem.

Although I take my job very seriously—being the resident charmer, the man responsible for helping clients with security, all the while making it look like I’m the newest love interest of insanely gorgeous women—it looks like it’s all fun and games.

I’m getting paid to go on dates to some of the most glamorous places all around the world after all, but at the end of the day, it’s still work.

When the assignment is over, I walk away—usually with a smile and another notch in my bedpost, but who am I to turn down the perks?

This new assignment should be no different. I can play any role handed to me.

Hell, I love a new challenge.

Only Archer Bremen is different… and not just for the obvious reasons.

His British accent hits me in a way I never expected.

The scowl on his face makes me think of a million things I could do to make it fade.

His smile tells me that this new assignment is going to change everything…

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Review – Keeping His Princess by Tyleigh

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Keeping His Princess
(A standalone)

Publication Date: June 3, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Bully/New Adult Romance

Author: Tyleigh

Review Rating: 2.5 Gold Stars


I was super excited to jump into this book, the blurb drew me in and I hadn’t read this author before, but I struggled with this book. While I did finish it, hoping my feelings would change the more I read, unfortunately I just didn’t connect with either character.

Jordan, is a smart girl, tutoring other students and running for valedictorian, lacked a ton of common sense, which I know book smarts do not equal street smarts, but she came across as unworldly and very judgy. Maybe a better way to phrase what I’m saying is; Jordan is angry that she has to tutor Ethan. This is a boy who has bullied her for ten years. That’s more than half of her life. I’d be angry too. He’s belittled her, pushed her, emotionally and physically abused her. She should not like this boy, but the moment he sits down next to her at one of their tutor sessions he instantly starts touching her intimately. There is no build up between them, there is zero chemistry and there is no consent. Zero on every account. So their entire meet-cute felt skeevy. BUT, this is the part that felt creepy and I hate to say it because I love bully romances, but a main couple of a story typically meets one of those requirements. There is something backing the bullying, but there wasn’t one in this case, so back to my big BUT…Jordan lets out a moan while he’s touching her. She doesn’t know why she did it and Ethan takes that moan as consent and so continues with his advances. It’s rare that a book, one I know is in this trope, but nonetheless made me feel gross.

I obviously had a hard time with both characters. There was no depth to explain a lot of their actions, and maybe that would have helped. Anyway…I could go on with the holes in the plot that just didn’t connect, the weird vibe I kept getting, etc…, but I’ll leave it as this book just didn’t do it for me. This is entirely my view on this book and perhaps it might connect with you differently.

Lose out on my top college or tutor Ethan Madden—that was the ultimatum I had been given. To most, it would be a no-brainer, but he was the one guy who made it a point to make my life miserable.

In the end, it wasn’t much of a choice at all.

I figured the job would be quick, but Ethan had other plans.

Protecting my heart was my number one priority because becoming the bullies princess was out of the question.

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Blog Tour – Vengeance of a Mafia Queen by Siobhan Davis

They tried to take everything from me.

But where they failed, I will succeed.

Unless he becomes my weakness.

Vengeance of a Mafia Queen, an all -new dark enemies-to-lovers mafia romance full of suspense from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Siobhan Davis, is available now!

Losing my innocence at thirteen, in the most brutal way, changed me. My kidnapper stole my childhood and tried to break me. The knowledge my father orchestrated the entire situation hardened my heart, and instead of grieving his death, I celebrated it.

One down. Many more to go.

My burning need for revenge has only grown over the years, keeping me focused on my goals and enabling my rise to power.

Made men are weak. A pretty face and the promise of a good time easily distracts them.

Now, I’m in charge. 

Men bow before me.

Except for him—the brother of my abductor. Massimo fights me every step of the way, but I’m not about to let the explosive chemistry between us deter me from my chosen path. His family is my enemy. He is my enemy, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

I won’t stop until all those who wronged me are punished. 

By the time they realize I’m coming, it will be too late. 

They tried to take everything from me.

But where they failed, I will succeed.

Unless he becomes my weakness.

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Lust blazes in his eyes. “I will wait for you to come to me.” 

“You’ll be waiting,” I blurt, irritated when amusement skates across his face. I hate how he can obviously tell it’s a lie. He can see I’m floundering. That his want is not one-sided. 

“I have a hand, and my blue balls can be patient.” A teasing smile spreads across his mouth, and I’m ensnared. Massimo is truly beautiful, and I only hope I’m strong enough to resist. I already suspect I’m not. “To a point,” he whispers against my ear, sending warm shivers coursing along my flesh. I squirm on his lap, failing to ignore the hard, thick length pulsing underneath me. 

Massimo groans, and his eyes darken with undeniable desire. “You were put on this earth to test me. I’m sure of it.” 

I can’t smother my smile in time. 

“One kiss,” he says, his eyes dropping to my mouth as his tongue darts out and he wets his lips. “Would you deny your husband a kiss on his wedding night?” 

“I have kissed you today.” 

He shakes his head as his fingers sweep back and forth across my mouth, making it harder and harder to resist temptation. “I have kissed you. You have gone along with it because it was expected.” 

He’s as delusional as me if he truly believes that. I drive my hands into his hair without even thinking about it. “Will everything be a negotiation between us?” 

His brows climb to his hairline and a devilish grin widens his lush mouth. “Do we know any other way to be?” 

“One kiss. Just one kiss.” The words feel like lies as I spout them. 

“That is all I am asking.” He closes his eyes, moaning softly as my fingers explore the thick strands of his black hair. “That feels so incredibly good.” 

I brush my mouth against his, and his eyes pop wide. His hands flatten against my back, pushing me in closer to his tempting body. I can indulge in one kiss. It is my wedding night after all, and my husband is one of the sexiest men alive. It’s not wrong to take this one thing for myself, right? “Just one kiss,” I remind him as our breaths comingle. 

“Only one.” 

Closing my eyes, I lower my mouth to his and descend into sheer bliss. He lets me control it, at first, and I’m surprised at the potent need driving me to take everything as I prod at the seam of his lips with my tongue. He opens instantly, letting my tongue plunge inside his mouth. I reposition myself on his lap, straddling his hips, so I can properly kiss him, and it’s that moment when all bets are off. 

Copyright Siobhan Davis © 2022 

About Siobhan
Siobhan Davis is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon Top 10 bestselling romance author. Siobhan writes emotionally intense stories with swoon-worthy romance, complex characters, and tons of unexpected plot twists and turns that will have you flipping the pages beyond bedtime! She has sold over 1.5 million books and her titles are translated into several languages. 

Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in human resource management. 

She lives in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sons. 

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Double Cover Reveal – Controlled Chaos by Nikki Ash

Title: Controlled Chaos
Series: Love & Lyrics
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: Single Mom, Rock Star Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2022
Both Covers Designed by Jersey Girl Design
Cover Model: Lucas Loyola
Photographer: Wander Aguiar

I’ve been in love with my best friend since high school.
My biggest regret? Walking away without telling her.
I planned to. But then catastrophe struck, making us part ways without a word.
She left for Boston with her fiancé, while I left for L.A. with my band–Raging Chaos.
For the next five years, I lived and breathed music, trying to forget the beautiful girl who shattered my heart without even knowing it.
Until I see her again…
I walked away once, and I’ve learned my lesson.
Layla is my forever, not another item in my pile of regrets.
And she’s about to find that out.

The moment I saw Camden on stage, something inside me came to life
His tragic song of unrequited love was a confession that had me questioning everything.
Five years might’ve changed who we are—he’s a rock star and I’m a single mom—but my feelings for him are as strong as ever.
His lyrics make falling in love seem easy. For him—maybe it is.
Only I’ve learned the hard way that real life isn’t as simple as writing a love song.



The special edition cover is ONLY available in hardback on Amazon and Nikki’s website. This cover is so special to Nikki because every story in this series has a song written by the Hero and the special edition covers contain the lyrics from each song.

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New Release – Reckless Dynasty by Tracy Lorraine

 Release Date: June 2

USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tracy Lorraine brings you the next installment of her dark mafia, high school bully romance story set in the Knight’s Ridge Empire world.
My life has been full of half-truths tangled in lies—I’d been to hell and back more times than I could count.
But nothing could have prepared me for the fear in her voice, and then the sight of that building going up in flames.
After the way I treated her, the way I hurt her, I’d earned that pain back tenfold. I deserved to lose the only bit of light in my dark, twisted life.
Neither of us have survived the suffering only to have it end this way and I refuse to believe that our time is done. It can’t be. Because she was made for me—the only good thing that came out of my past. 
And the first chance I get, I’m going to make sure she knows exactly what she means to me.
No more lies.
No more pretending.
Just the raw, honest truth.
I can’t live without her and I’ll spend the rest of my life proving to her that she belongs with me.
That the life we were born into might have left us damaged, but it made us stronger.
And when she claims her rightful place amongst us, I’ll be by her side and together we will rule this reckless dynasty.
But first we have to survive…

Dear Reader,
Reckless Dynasty is the third, and final book in the Reckless trilogy in my Knight’s Ridge Empire series.

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Meet Tracy Lorraine


Tracy Lorraine is a M/F and M/M contemporary romance author.

Tracy has recently-ish turned thirty and lives in a cute Cotswold village in England with her husband, baby girl and lovable but slightly crazy dog. Having always been a bookaholic with her head stuck in her Kindle, Tracy decided to try her hand at a story idea she dreamt up. Molly and Ryan were born and the rest is history, as they say!


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