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Review – Crossing Borders by Marie James

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Crossing Borders; Blackbridge Security #10
(#10 within a series)

Publication Date: June 9, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Fake Boyfriend/Bodyguard/MM Romance

Author: Marie James

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


I can hardly wait for everyone else to discover how fantastic Brooks and Archer are together!! I loved their story and this book was the perfect culmination to the end of the Blackbridge series.

There have been hints, easter eggs, and small teasers for multiple books now on what could be happening in Brooks’ professional and personal life, but nothing like the bombs dropped in the last book that actually confirmed what was coming down the pipeline. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was ecstatic to have it all actually confirmed and even more so that their story was absolutely delicious and totally delightful!!

Brooks’ job within the security company would appear to be one of the easier ones, but could also be one of the toughest depending on if you were a people person or not. He is assigned to high profile cases as, the best word I can think of, as an escort, but he’s also a bodyguard. His boyfriend type of services are in the public eye while he provides security. When he’s assigned to Archer Bremen, a rockstar, he’s never been the boyfriend to a man, but it doesn’t deter him from doing his job, nor doing it professionally. What Brooks isn’t prepared for is the feelings Archer stirs up in him considering Brooks has only ever been with women and considered himself straight, but perhaps his outlook on his personal life just shifted. Brooks’ bi-wakening was written so well, I loved taking the journey with him.

Archer needs the help of Blackbridge Security when he blows up his life in a big way. He’s a famous rockstar that not only came out of the closet in a very public way, but blowing up his life has a lot more to do with the way he tried to shove himself back into it. Archer is a storm of a mess, but being around Brooks is when you see him calm and actually trying to be a better man. While he does push Brooks, a lot, he also is a sensitive soul, with a big heart and his vulnerability will break down just about anyone’s walls. He’s a bit manic, he is a soulful rockstar afterall, but his sweet soul really won me over and at the end of the day, these two together are just perfect.

This book travels down the timeline of multiple Blackbridge stories, while the tension and chemistry builds to a delicious level between Brooks and Archer. Dropping all of those teasers back into their appropriate spots made all the anticipation well worth the wait. I adored revisiting some of my favorite moments throughout the series while digging deeper into what all of those hints really were. This book is best enjoyed if the series has been read in order, but if you’ve missed a book or two, you could still jump into their love story and follow along with no problem.

Although I take my job very seriously—being the resident charmer, the man responsible for helping clients with security, all the while making it look like I’m the newest love interest of insanely gorgeous women—it looks like it’s all fun and games.

I’m getting paid to go on dates to some of the most glamorous places all around the world after all, but at the end of the day, it’s still work.

When the assignment is over, I walk away—usually with a smile and another notch in my bedpost, but who am I to turn down the perks?

This new assignment should be no different. I can play any role handed to me.

Hell, I love a new challenge.

Only Archer Bremen is different… and not just for the obvious reasons.

His British accent hits me in a way I never expected.

The scowl on his face makes me think of a million things I could do to make it fade.

His smile tells me that this new assignment is going to change everything…

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