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Review – Hell Gate by Veronica Eden

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Hell Gate; Twisted Legends Collection #5
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: June 9, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Twisted Myth/Paranormal/Reverse Harem/Dark Romance

Author: Veronica Eden

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


I love a tale or myth that is twisted with new flair and makes me giddy to turn each page to discover how it will end. Hell Gate is a fantastic twist on an old lore, classic legend, and centuries old myth that I adored and pretty much salvated over until the very end.

A take on hell and the hierarchy, lore, and legend that comes out of there can really go so many ways and yet it can also go poorly very quickly. That is not the case with Eden’s newest book. Three demons, Valerian, Matthias, and Alder guard one hell gate, a portal between the mortal world and hell. Lily, a mortal, just so happens to be the one who summons those three and thus begins their epic journey.

Their journey to save, not only themselves, but Lily, is full of suspense, adventure, and self discovery. Lily has been shuffled from foster home to foster home and not only has she always felt inadequate, but there is something inside her that sets her apart from others. Her journey to discover why she feels this way and gaining her self worth is magical.

As for the demons that Lily summoned from hell, each unique and picking my favorite is nearly impossible. I could go with the obvious, Matthias, he’s fun, wears his emotions and feelings on his sleeve and always says what he’s thinking. From the moment he meets Lily he’s basically smitten with her and never fails to affirm her inner beauty and strength while praising how much he loves her outer beauty. He’s a total charmer and a key component to the mix.

Alder is the warrier, the strength and always makes Lily feel safe. He can be the reasonable one of the bunch, but he’s also very much an alpha when it comes to Lily. However, he shares very nicely with his demon brothers…is it getting hotter in here?!?

Lastly we come to, Valerian, the broody, silent demon. Lily and Vale bicker and fight like its their foreplay, but he always pulls away. It’s hard for him to admit weakness, especially given his past and right in the midst of what they are going through, Lily is a huge weakness. However, Valerian will never abandon her and he will always protect her. It’s so hard not to like him, even when he’s super broody.

So like I said, who can pick, I want all three just like Lily does, yum. The bond all four of them create is not only steamy to the extreme, but it’s quite beautiful too. The weaving myths and legends were unexpected and I love reading new twists on old tales. This entire book took me on a journey that was new and refreshing and I loved every moment of it. Extremely well thought out and written. It deserves way more than five stars!!

From USA Today & International bestselling author, Veronica Eden, comes an all-new standalone reverse harem paranormal romance with a headstrong heroine and twisted demons who left their morals in the last century.

Open the gate…if you dare.

The first thing I’m warned about when I arrive at the girls’ home is to stay away from the abandoned graveyard. Local urban legend claims it’s host to a gate to Hell.

Then I was dared…

The legend is as real as the monsters I’ve summoned by activating the gate. Demons guard it, waiting for skeptical idiots like me to do the ritual. Three sinfully hot, dangerously powerful demons.



The gate’s three wicked protectors won’t let me get away without paying their price.
I’m at their mercy, fighting to survive them and the supernatural world they drag me into.
But none of us are prepared for what is awakening within me.

A long buried secret and hidden ancient magic will change everything.
The match is lit and together we’re all going up in flames.

*Hell Gate is a standalone PNR reverse harem romance. Due to dark themes, strong language, and graphic violent/sexual situations it is recommended for mature readers.

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