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Review – Tight Ends and Tiaras by Lex Martin

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Tight Ends & Tiaras; Varsity Dads #2
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: July 5, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Small Town/Friends-to-Lovers/Single Dad/Sports Romance

Author: Lex Martin

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


I am totally swimming in all the swooney feels of Tight Ends and Tiaras.

Loved, loved, loved this amazing single dad book. Touching on so many emotions while also covering RL topics like anxiety, therapy, and panic attacks. I was impressed by how well Martin covered mental health and touched by the care and consideration she was able to weave into this fictional story.

Tight Ends and Tiaras can be read as a complete stand alone, but if you’ve read The Varsity Dad Dilemma then you’ve met Ben Rodriguez and Sierra Cruz. Sierra was a roommate to Ben’s sister, Gabby, which is one reason why Sierra never made a move on Ben in the past and vice versa, but there is a host of reasons between them that didn’t aline their stars together until now, but I’ll let you discover them and enjoy reading it for yourself.

These two have quite the tangled mess right from the get go and that is even before Ben finds out he has a three year old daughter that he never knew about. Throw in their chemistry, which sparks right from the very beginning, and this book never once lets off the gas.

Ben and Sierra just have that IT factor. That something that makes couples super likeable and makes the reading enjoyable from page one until the very end. Their story carries all the emotions, points where I needed a tissue to wipe my eyes and other times a fan to cool down my face, basically, this book is excellent! Aside from a few characters I wanted to round-house kick in the face multiple times, but that is probably why the drama portion was extra good.

The perfect blend of secondary characters with the right amount of three year old cuteness. I love this single dad world Martin has created and can’t wait for more.

Football is one hundred percent the focus of my life—until a squawking toddler, with a temper to rival my own, lands in my lap and flips my life upside down.

I’ll never be Dad of the Year. Anyone will tell you that. Except maybe Sienna, my sister’s former roommate, who somehow manages to make my broody ass laugh and sees something in me no one else does.

When Sienna offers to let me and my little princess move in with her, I’m not sure if it’s to help or because she wants revenge on my teammate and long-time rival, who broke her heart.

Either way, I’m game. Because I need to get my ex off my back, and Sienna doesn’t mind pretending to be my girlfriend.

Only neither of us is ready for the sparks that fly between us or the consequences when they do.

★ What you can expect:
– single dad
– small Texas town
– sports romance (football)
– college (seniors)
– fake dating
– friends to lovers
– diverse backgrounds
– slow burn but steamy!

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