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Review – Rogue by Sinclair Kelly

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Rogue; Sinner’s Mark MC #2
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: July 15, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Series/Dark/Antihero/Reverse Harem/MC Romance

Author: Sinclair Kelly

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Rogue is the second book in this unique MC series and I loved jumping right back into this Sinners Mark MC world.

I love how fast paced a reverse harem book typically is. There are lots of character POV’s which always amp up the emotional aspect of the story and I’d say most of the books have a darker or at least suspenseful edge to the plot which always keeps the pages turning. It’s certainly one of the reasons why I love this trope. Throw in the steamy good times and I’m a total sucker for a woman who gets loved up by lots of hot men. Seriously…who wouldn’t?

The Sinners Mark MC series has certainly checked off all of these markers and never once have I found the plot stagenent nor did I find any of the characters lacking. This particular MC series is completely unique with a serial killer living in their midst, a believable twin swap, an MC merge hanging in the balance and a love story unlike any other. It’s riveting and totally steamy to boot!!

Remi falls even further for her Sinner guys in this second book, while the mounting tension grows as more secrets make it harder to expose her true feelings. While everyone is working to uncover the truth about what’s happening at her father’s MC and why someone is after her and her twin sister, Etta, Remi feels torn and struggles with wanting to tell Ace, Trip and Saint the entire truth about her past, but Rogue and Squire agree it’s not the right time to open that truth bomb quite yet.

Rogue does ends on a cliffhanger, so the story will continue in the next book. If you enjoy reading an entire series back to back you might want to wait, but otherwise…enjoy this steamy and suspenseful book!!

Secrets are kind of my thing.

Or at least they were. Now my lies are catching up to me, and the stakes are higher than ever.

The men who unexpectedly claimed me are breaking down every wall I have, exposing vulnerabilities and opening old wounds. But now is not the time for weakness. Not when someone is out to get us and enemies are around every corner. It’s time for me to embrace the inner strength that’s guarded my soul for the last decade and prove to the Sinner’s Mark men that I’m more than capable of taking care of myself…and them too.

The average woman would be afraid. But I’m not your average woman. I’m the monster under the bed. The shadow lurking in the corner. I’m the one thing the darkness fears, and there will be no mercy for those that hurt the ones I love.

Rogue is book two in the Sinners Mark MC series, a medium-burn reverse harem romance featuring darker elements. CONTENT WARNING: This book contains references to sexual assault-related trauma along with violence/torture and graphic sex scenes that some readers may find triggering. Even though this is a work of fiction, please read with caution. Prepare for a cliffhanger ending with no HEA until the final book.

Saint is book one in the Sinners Mark MC series and should be read for the best reading experience before jumping into Rogue.

Saint (Sinner's Mark MC Series Book 1)

There’s a moment in every girl’s life that defines her. I’m just not prepared for mine to happen at the altar, staring into a pair of intense brown eyes that will never belong to me, with mistletoe above my head, and twinkle lights glowing softly for our first kiss as man and wife.

Now he and his men want to claim me as their own. Want to put me on some pedestal and treat me like a princess, or at least their twisted version of one. Every look fires my blood. Every touch threatens to incinerate us all.

But I have secrets. One, they may be able to forgive. The other, well, it’s unforgivable. Once they find out what I’m hiding, there won’t be time for me to explain. My only hope is they’ll grant me mercy. Give me a head start. Let me disappear before they rain their own brand of justice down on all my lies. Because I’m definitely on the naughty list this year…Santa doesn’t even need to check his list twice. Ho, ho, f*cking, ho!

Saint is book one in the Sinners Mark MC series, a medium-burn reverse harem romance meant for 18+. CONTENT WARNING: This book contains references to sexual assault-related trauma as well as an attempted sexual assault scene, along with violence/torture and graphic sex scenes that some readers may find triggering.

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