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Review – Phase of Hate by Coralee June

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Phase of Hate; Phase Mountain Pack #2
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: July 9, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Shifter/Paranormal/New Adult Romance

Author: Coralee June

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Phase of Hate picks up right where Phase of Fate left off and because this is the middle book, we are also left on a cliffhanger. GAH!! It’s tumultuous and still such a great plot all in this new fantasy realm…it’s nothing but absolutely delicious!!

There is such an array of emotions in this second book and yet so much of it comes down to Halle trying to suppress those very things. If that doesn’t mirror society and how we try to bury our heads in the sand right now…I need to say right now, well done Ms. June. I love similarities and symbolism.

Theo is born a shifter, his instincts are strong, ingrained in his DNA he was born to protect his people and care about what happens to them. The mating bond that begun between him and Halle guides him more than anything, but certainly the more time he spends with her he wants to be with her for the woman she is becoming. However, that bond also strengthens what they feel for each other and as Halle suffers and struggles it only intensifies what he feels for her. Theo is constantly torn between wanting to help and just pushing through like his wolf wants him to.

Halle wasn’t born with the instincts that seem to come naturally to Theo or Delilah. She’s only known both of them for a very short time in relevance to everyone else in her life and yet she’s now been tied to them through her prodigy/guardian mark. At every turn her human emotions seem to overtake her judgement and soon her emotions become a liability. Halle becomes scared of her new inner powers along with the bonds that she has recently formed, Halle’s first instinct is to react first and listen later. Her stubbornness may prove too late when she had help close by all along.

I can completely empathize with Halle and all the swirling emotions in her. She’s angry and sad and every time someone tells her to calm down it only does the opposite. As much as she’d like to trust her new relationships, it’s the hardest thing in the world to jump in blindly especially when you don’t understand the people or culture. It’s almost like she’s a teen raging with hormones, but in this instance her emotional rage could literally harm those around her.

Coralee does a great job moving between characters and expressing just how deeply all of the characters feel. It truly brings out all of the emotional highs and lows along with great tension while still building chemistry between Theo and Halle.

This is the middle of the story and I’m biting my nails to find out what happens next!!! I can hardly wait 😭

I was a prodigy. A grieving sister. A girl falling for him.

I died, and now I’m reborn.

Stronger. Deadlier.


I’m determined to punish those that turned me into a monster. The curse kept me alive, but at what cost?

I’m at war with my nature.

I refuse to ever accept my fate.

Once a prodigy, now a curse.

Once love, now hate.

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2022 Excerpt/Teaser, Year of Releases - 2022

Excerpt Reveal – A KINGDOM OF STARS AND SHADOWS by Holly Renee

A KINGDOM OF STARS AND SHADOWS (Stars and Shadows #1) by Holly Renee

Release Date: July 14th

Genre/Tropes: Adult Fantasy Romance/High Fantasy Romance/Enemies-to-Lovers/Forbidden Romance

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“You can’t be in here.” I pulled away from his touch and put as much space between he and I as possible.

“I am a prince of Citlali, Starblessed.” He spat my name. “I will do as I please.”

I wrapped my arms around my chest and looked to the window. The setting sun was leaving room for nothing but darkness, and it was falling over the sky like a curse.

“Please leave.”

“I am not leaving you alone while you are panicking over whatever Jorah said to you. He is my best friend in this world, but he’s also an idiot. He scared you when he shouldn’t have.”

“No.” I shook my head. “He was right. I have spent my entire life preparing for my betrothal to the crowned prince, and I am a fool to allow the queen to think I am loyal to anything but that.”

A dark smile graced his lips as he shook his head. “You are loyal to my brother?”

“I am.” I lifted my trembling chin as I answered him.

“He is what you want?” He moved closer to me as his dark eyes pierced through me.

“He is my destiny,” I corrected him and took a step back as he moved forward.

“A destiny that makes you wish you were anywhere else.” He chuckled softly just as he moved in front of me. “Tell me, Starblessed. Is it your want for me that makes your breath catch in your throat when I am near or your boredom? If you simply need a man to cure your temptation, then please allow me the pleasure.”

“You can’t say things like that to me.”

His smile deepened as he watched me, and I knew that he wasn’t going to leave unless I made him.

“Your brother can satisfy my temptation just fine.”

His smile dropped as he stepped closer to me still. “I think we both know that is a lie. Unless you close your eyes and imagine that his fingers are mine, I think the only thing my brother will leave you is wanting.”

“The queen is watching me,” I whispered, and Evren simply lifted his stained fingers and ran one over the other before my room was clouded in darkness. Every lamp and the glow of the fire had completely disappeared, and I grasped the post of my bed as I tried to see in front of me.

“What did you do?” My voice trembled with fear and anticipation. 

“The queen can only see what I allow her, princess. I may be the bastard prince, but I still have power.”


Destiny or desire?

Where does your allegiance lie?

I am told my union to the crowned prince will determine the fate of the kingdom, but it isn’t my betrothed who haunts my dreams. It’s the half-breed prince who stands at his side.

He is darkness and sin, and when he whispers promises of wickedness in my ear, I crave a man who I can’t have.

Every thought I have is treasonous. The way my hands ache to touch him deceitful.

Even my dreams make me a traitor to the kingdom I am sworn to protect.

But when the kingdom is attacked, I am forced to make choices I’m not prepared for. Our lies and deception are entangled in the shadows and stars, and as they unravel so shall my fate. Betray a kingdom or betray my heart.

A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows is book one in the Stars and Shadows Series and will end in a cliffhanger.

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, Holly Renee brings readers a pinch of angst, an indulgence of heat, and the perfect amount of heart in every book.

Born and raised in East Tennessee, she is a married mom of two wild children. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, pretending to be a dragon for the hundredth time that day, being disgustingly in love with her husband, or chilling in the middle of the lake with her sunglasses and a float.

Holly is a lover of all things romance, Mexican food, Harry Potter, and yoga pants.

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New Release – Blood and Vows by Amanda Richardson w/a K. Easton

Title: Blood & Vows
A Twisted Legends Collection Standalone
Author: Amanda Richardson
writing as K. Easton
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 7, 2022
Never make a deal with the devil–especially if that deal entails holy matrimony.
There’s only one rule my mother passed down to me before she died: never venture into the east side of Edinburgh.
I never questioned it. There are creatures in this world that could hurt us, she said.
So I stay away–until my life hits rock bottom, and I find myself curious about the forbidden side of the ancient city.
It doesn’t seem all that different here–bars, clubs, restaurants. Just like the human side.
One too many drinks later, he finds me.
A silly poem and a whispered wish are all it takes for him to rip through the mirror between realms and pin me against a wall.
Cruel, inhuman, cunning. A demon–an actual prince from hell. With horns.
What could he possibly want from me?
Marriage, apparently.
Because as it turns out, Bloody Marius is dead serious about upholding his end of the deal.
Blood & Vows is a dark retelling of the legend of Bloody Mary. It is a paranormal romance novella that will leave your kindle sizzling. Please note that this book has dark themes such as forced marriage, kidnapping, dubious consent, violence, and explicit language, which may be triggering for some.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Kory (K.) Easton is the paranormal romance pen name for Amazon bestselling author Amanda Richardson. She gravitates toward dark tales of otherworldly creatures and beasts. She currently resides in Yorkshire, England, with her husband and two kids.