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Review – The Godparent Trap by Rachel Van Dyken

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The Godparent Trap
(A standalone)

Publication Date: July 19, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Enemies-to-Lovers/Romantic Comedy

Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A dramedy of sorts where opposites attract when suddenly thrown together in the worst of circumstances.

When Colby and Rip are suddenly found the primary caregivers of a three and five year old this slow burn love story is both sweet and an in your face look at parenthood that made me laugh out loud when it brought back memories regarding my own children.

This book doesn’t linger in the sadness that brought Colby and Rip together, which I appreciated for the lightness of this book, so please don’t take that as a callus statement, but this book is just lighter overall. Colby and Rip find themselves in an extreme living condition while facing grief, but even more so they are facing the rearing of two small children which is something neither one of them have ever done.

These two individuals have never been parents and I have to commend them that they both jumped right into the fire without preparation. Raising two small children that are both at an age that still require lots of care and upkeep is no tiny task. Not to mention that both Rip and Colby are opposite in just about every way when it comes to their own personalities, which made their living situation quite humorous and wrought with tension. This book should be parenting 101 for all new parents on what not to do in the very beginning since the romance part and falling in love seems easy until you begin adding in tiny overloads who take over your life and living space. I jest…sort of.

The Godparent Trap is sweetly adorable and has that slow building chemistry for all the right reasons which made this book feel like a family movie, especially one that I would watch again and again.

Life’s Too Short meets The Unhoneymooners in this sparkling, steamy, and swoon-worthy novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken, in which two sworn enemies must share house, home—and maybe their hearts—when they become co-parents after a sudden loss.

Colby’s living her best life: as a popular food blogger, she gets to fulfill her dreams of exploring the globe. But her world comes crashing down when a tragic accident leaves her co-guardian of her best friend’s two adorable children. Not only does she need to put down roots—fast—but she’ll be sharing custody with the one man she can’t stand sharing a continent with, let alone a house.

Accountant-extraordinaire Rip values rules and plans. But when he loses his sister and his best friend and becomes an insta-guardian all in one night, Rip sees his organized life imploding. What he really doesn’t need is his sister’s irresponsible, flighty—albeit kind and gorgeous—best friend making it worse.

Rip doesn’t trust Colby to take their new responsibilities seriously, while Colby can’t believe Rip thinks children will thrive under his rigid control. Yet soon Rip and Colby discover they need each other more than they hate each other. Could it be possible that following their hearts is just what their new little family needs?

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