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Review – My Better Life by Sarah Ready

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My Better Life; Soul Mates in Romeo #6
(An interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: July 19, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Small Town/Romantic Comedy

Author: Sarah Ready

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Sweetly charming with lots of snort-out-loud moments and a slooooooowwww burning romance.

My Better Live is super cute and full of fun, full of family and a slow burning romance that, if you are familiar with the movie Overboard, there are a lot of similarities, but that movie is one of my favorite romcoms which made this book the cherry on top when diving into this reading experience.

Gavin begins this book angry, bitter and a not so very nice billionaire. The Goldie Hawn role in this particular book. Jamie is commissioned to make him an art piece which Gavin reneges on, but after an accident leaves him with amnesia Jamie suddenly finds herself with an opportunity to serve Gavin his “just desserts” as her Grandma so kindly puts it.

My Better Life has beautifully sweet moments surrounded by hilarious moments that Sarah Ready writes with absolute ease. While this book has the framework of one of my favorite rom com movies it absolutely stands on its own with it’s unique quirks and fall in love forever kind of story.

When East Coast elite and wealthy bachelor Gavin Williams wakes up in a rural West Virginia hospital, he doesn’t remember who he is or where he’s from.
He doesn’t remember his heiress fiancée, his luxury homes, his exotic travels, or his private plane.
And he especially doesn’t remember insulting local country-girl and fiery redhead Jamie Sutton, smashing her dreams, and leaving her in a pinch.
So when a redhead in overalls stands over his hospital bed and convincingly tells him he loves banjos, hound dogs, and rustling chickens, what’s he supposed to do?
Suddenly Gavin is scrambling to fit into a country life that doesn’t feel familiar and that can’t possibly be his. A wife? Kids? A chicken coop?
His life is full of holes and secrets, desires and dreams, and as Gavin learns more he begins to wonder—will he ever remember? And what happens when he does?

My Better Life is Book 6 in the Soul Mates in Romeo series by Sarah Ready.

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