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Review – Sin Bin by Teagan Hunter

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Sin Bin; Carolina Comets #4
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: July 21, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Second Chance/Age-Gap/Workplace/Sports Romance

Author: Teagan Hunter

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Oh my hot hockey player!!! This is the hottest Carolina Comets book yet!

Owen Smith is by far the hottest, smexiest man and oh my, did he incinerate all of my panties right off my body! (fanning myself) There is just something about an older man who knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to pleasure his woman. Is it hot in here? I mean I know it’s summer and all, but I needed to crank up the air contitioning while reading this slice of delicious apple pie. -wink-

Smith may be one of the oldest members on the Comets hockey team and he takes a lot of ribbing from his teammates for that very fact, but Smith has dedicated his life to the very sport he loves, which might be coming closer to ending than he would like. What does a man who’s lived, breathed, and loved a sport above everything else finally do when it ends? He’s only ever felt passion like when he’s on the ice one other time in his life and unfortunately rekindling with her just isn’t possible, she’s the coaches niece and works for the team.  Losing his career before he’s ready to give it up doesn’t seem logical, but when Emilia’s around Smith’s brain tends to short circuit.

Emilia Anderson loves her job and currently she has a chance for a promotion. One she’s been working tirelessly for and has a real shot at, except it comes with working closely to the one man she also works very hard at staying away from, Owen Smith. A few years ago before Emilia began working for the Comets they spent a fantastic weekend together, but once she discovered who he was she knew it could never happen again. For over two years they have successfully avoided one another, but now it’s unavoidable and everything she’s worked for is on the line. Can she risk her heart along with everything she’s worked for?

If you believe in fate, second chances, hot, hot chemistry, and found families then this book will make you swoon and will certainly light you up. Have a cool beverage nearby to cool off because Smith and Emilia together are pure fire!!

I should stay away.

Emilia Anderson is the team’s social media manager, and there are strict rules about not fraternizing with the staff. It doesn’t matter that we already accidentally broke them—we can’t let it happen again.

Besides, my time in the NHL is winding down, and this is my last shot at winning the Cup. I need to focus on the game, not some girl I have no business chasing.

She’s ten years younger than me.
She’s the assistant coach’s niece.
And she works for the team.

She’s off-limits…and too hard to resist.

I know better than to play this game…

But it looks like I’m heading to the sin bin.

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