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Review – Blackmail by Ameila Wilde

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Blackmail; Controlling Interest #1
(#1 within a trilogy)

Publication Date: August 2, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Trilogy/Midnight Dynasty/Office Romance/Contemporary Romance

Author: Amelia Wilde

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Dirty, flirty, emotional, and a grumpy alpha-hole that revs Blackmail into the delicious zone!

Will LeBlanc is a money man. He’s all about figures and not entirely tuned into human emotions. He’s the baby brother in the LeBlanc family, if you read The Collector series, and this is Will’s story.

Will is great at making money, he’s not so great at keeping secretaries. He let’s them goes for the slightest infraction, but when Bristol Anderson walks in on her first day, flawless and with a citrusy scent that lingers after she leaves his office, he’s instantly intrigued. He’s a man who’s never intrigued so when she embezzles fifty thousand dollars from his company and he doesn’t immediately call the police even he’s shocked. Will finds himself in a unique situation, one that works in his favor, a place for blackmail.

Bristol is barely scraping by. Working as a temp, going from job to job and taking care of her twin siblings is exhausting. When her deadbeat dad brings additional trouble to their doorstep in the sum of fifty thousand dollars she’s up against a wall…or she will be when her boss finds out what she’s done. Bristol never imagined when she got caught embezzling from her job that repayment would be in the form of her body and potentially her heart.

The intense moments between Mr. LeBlanc and Ms. Anderson…whew…spicy! Blackmail is juicy and witty and just revving up as this is the first book in a new trilogy.

Bristol Anderson will do anything to protect her younger siblings. Even if it means embezzling from the company where she’s a temp. No one will find out. And the wealthy owner of the venture capitalist firm will never notice.

Except Will LeBlanc doesn’t miss a thing.

He could call the police, but he has more interesting plans for her. In the copy room. On the conference table. Under his desk.

The coldhearted capitalist will make her pay back every last cent.

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