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Review – Defy by Caitlyn Dare

Book cover for Defy: A MFM Romance by Caitlyn Dare

Defy; Red Ridge Sinners MC
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: August 4, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/MFM/MC Romance

Author: Caitlyn Dare

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Kat is a wild child and I’ve always loved her for her wild spirit. She is the girl you want to be friends with because she always brings the party, but Defy sheds a light into her out of control behavior and it was much more of an emotional ride than I was expecting. Plus, her mysterious lover is revealed and sorry past BBF’s, but Ryder has vaulted over and taken the number one spot.

While Kat always appears to the outside world that she has her life together and is the life of the party, her facade is only because she’s masking the pain and loneliness of her life falling apart day by day. While it appears that everyone is falling in love around her, thus leaving her behind in the dust and her mom is fading away with a debilitating disease right before her eyes, Kat has never felt more alone. (The wild child of the three and by far the glue that holds them all together)

Ryder is one of the few people who notices the mask she wears, as he has a similar situation at home. Offering up his friendship, which soon turns to more, he never meant to fall for her, especially when his best friend has been waiting to make a move for months, but some things just can’t be helped, especially when it comes to his Kitten. (He is fun, a total dirty talker, doesn’t take life too seriously, but also the caretaker, which made him the perfect fit for this triad)

Styx has been patiently waiting for the right time to make Kat his, but nothing ever seems to go his way. However, when he finds out that his best friend, Ryder, has been spending time with his girl it pushes him to go after her, but what she’s wanting, what she suggests, he’s not sure he can give. (He is focused, intense, straightlaced, and a total rule follower…most of the time)

Defy is definitely full of hot men and lots of spicy good times, but unlike some of the other MC books in this series that are packed with suspense and bad guys, this particular book is full of emotional punches and lots of tears. I really enjoyed the different mix with this story, especially knowing Kat from previous books and that she was going to need special guys by her side with her particular journey.

Defy is a standalone in the Red Ridge Sinners series, but enjoyed more when read right along with the other books.

A new MFM dark romance from the bestselling author of the Savage Falls MC series.

I always knew that once we caved to our desire that it would change everything.

He’s forbidden.

My brother’s ex-best friend.

And his masked accomplice is still a mystery to me.

But while I might try to do the right thing, they seem to have other ideas.

And as has already been proven, my restraint is only so good around them.

Defy is a dark MFM story set within our Red Ridge Sinners MC series.

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