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Review – Unraveling Mack by Anna Brooks

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Unraveling Mack; Ryder Ranch #4
(Standalone within a series)

Publication Date: August 8, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Age Gap/Grumpy-Sunshine/Opposites Attract/Small Town Romance

Author: Anna Brooks

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Yum, yum, Mack Daddy!!! I love a good grumpy-sunshine novel and Mack Daddy…I mean Unravelling Mack Ryder is a really good opposites attract, grumpy-sunshine book.

Mack Ryder has had love and lost it in one of the toughest ways possible. His first wife abandoned him and his four children leaving him with no closure or word on her whereabouts for yearssssssss. It was only upon her deathbed that she contacted her family, finally trying to close a wound that had been festering, but never fully healing. Mack should have found peace knowing his wife was finally at rest, but like all heartbreak, he suffered from all the years of abandonment making it nearly impossible for him to move forward. That is until Nova came to town.

Nova is the perfect name for the bright personality and shiny light that she brings into Mack’s life. While Nova is younger in age, she has an old soul and makes the perfect match to Mack’s grumpy persona.

Nova is a free spirit nomad, never staying in one place for long. Instead, Nova lets life guide her to her next adventure, that is until she meets the Ryder family and she feels the pull for something more, perhaps something permanent. However, Mack is adamant about pushing her away and not dimming her light. His fear is real, his first wife left when she felt smothered by ranch life and Mack isn’t about to fall again only to be broken by love. Nova doesn’t know much about what makes him tick, but it does make it tough to fight for something that she knows she’s never had. She wants Mack, but If Mack doesn’t want her and staying in one spot is all he’s ever known then surely there must be a reason, if only she wasn’t so drawn to the grouchy man.

These two together are pure magic, but they are also a little toxic. It’s quite the recipe for one angsty read, but by the end, my heart was overflowing with so much love for these two I couldn’t stop smiling and wishing all the wonderful things for them and their extended family.

I love all the Ryder’s and every time they all came together. For fans of the series this book will warm the heart and for anyone just jumping in, it will make a new fan of the Ryder family. I know I have loved the journey as each of them have found love, but none so much as Mack and Nova. Their story is hard fought and quite lovely too.

She was the complete opposite of me in every way; sweet, spontaneous, and full of sunshine… she was also half my age.

The world was her playground, and Nova Skye spent every breath fearlessly exploring it. Her passion for adventure was contrary to the solitude I loved, yet somehow, I couldn’t get enough.

Her innocence sparked a flame in my empty soul, burning down every defense I had. By the time I started to believe in the us she said we could be, it was too late. My free-spirited rebel was gone, taking what was left of me with her.

Without her, I learned that home wasn’t just a place, it was Nova… and it was finally time to come home.

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