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Review – Under the Cover of Darkness by Emma Luna

Under the Cover of Darkness; Twisted Legends Collection
(Standalone within a shared world series)

Publication Date: August 16, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Twisted Legend/Dark/Asylum Romance

Author: Emma Luna

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


What is real and what is myth? Do you believe the boogeyman can harm you in real life? In Under the Cover of Darkness those thoughts and possibilities are brought to life in this twisted tale. This book held me and didn’t let go from start to finish.

I read pretty much anything under the giant romance umbrella, but if there is any potential trigger for me it is a story that contains drug use. It’s not an automatic trigger for me, because as much as I’d love to believe in all things romance and that love always wins and makes everything better, unfortunately living with a family member who was an addict where it eventually took his life, I know the hard truth surrounding drug use and that love isn’t the magical cure. However, like I said, because it isn’t a hard and fast no for me, I love an author who approaches this topic with a realistic approach, with a dash of love because that is what life is also about.

Okay, enough of the sad…Dylan is admitted to a psychiatric facility because he is an addict. He is forced to attend there for six months or his other alternative is jail. This is his last chance, get clean, get help, sort out your life…or pretty much don’t come back to the band. While Dylan isn’t thrilled with either option in the beginning, because what addict is, he chooses the facility. It’s a choice that has major life altering changes in ways he never could have imagined…but perhaps ask any addict who changes their life around and they may tell you looking back how different their life is to what it was. I’m just not sure Dylan was expecting a walking urban legend to grace Lakeridge’s halls.

Addy’s only goal is to eventually be released from Lakeridge, but until she can convince her doctor that she is of sound mind she just may become a permanent resident. Addy blames herself not only for her forced stay, but also for her manifestation of the Slender Man who visits her in her nightmares. He punishes her for her sins and until her mind is stable enough to release these night terrors she may never be free. No one believes her, not her doctor, not the other residents, no one until Dylan arrives, but could he be another manifestation as well?

Dylan and Addy form a bond over their turbulent pasts and now their current situations, their relationship grows even when they are encouraged not to form attachments. What is that saying…something forbidden only makes it sweeter? Okay, that’s not really the case with these two, instead, their bond keeps pulling them together no matter what the obstacles may be. It’s unshakable and unbreakable. For the first time they both have found something that extends beyond drugs or soul crushing pain…they have found love.

With suspense, mystery, and a whole lot of darkness in this twisted tale what I loved most of all is the overall theme of working to get better. Dylan’s mental health never fell to the wayside and even though Addy’s mental well being was twisted up in a tale of an urban legend it was also taken into consideration with the overall mental health plan. So, circling back to my initial, could this be a trigger for me…it wasn’t. I really respected Emma in dealing with Dylan’s addiction the way she did and never once letting it fall to the background.

I’m also trying not to give too much away in regards to the twisted myth part of the story…which is big part of the book. It’s best to discover the terrifying Slender Man for yourself and dive into the urban legend without too much knowledge. Enjoy!!

I thought the suffocating loneliness of the last two year were bad, but then I was sent to Lakeridge Psychiatric Facility.
On the outside it’s disguised as helpful brochures and friendly doctors who have vowed to help, but the real truth is just below the surface, lurking in the shadows, and haunting my dreams.
At night he comes—taunting and abusing me. Bending me to his will, and making sure no one believes me.
That is until Dylan.
I can touch him and see him, but if my mind is capable of creating such horrors like my nightmares, can I trust that he’s real?

I’m no stranger to breaking rules and living on the edge. I guess it kind of comes with the territory of being a rockstar. But when I’m forced to attend Lakeridge, to serve my time and get sober, I’m met with the one thing I know I can’t have.
I know we don’t have a chance, not unless I want to get kicked out of here, and made to finish my sentence in a proper prison. Still, something about her calls to me.
There is more to the marks on her pale skin than the doctors say, and her nightmares seem to be a little too real.
Digging deeper into the madness, I’m left to question, can nightmares really leave scars? Or am I becoming mad too?

Author Note
Under The Cover Of Darkness is a dark contemporary romance retelling of the Slender Man urban legend. It’s part of the Twisted Legends Collection, which is a shared world with other authors. All the books can be read as standalones, but if you like urban legends twisted into romances, then you will want to collect them all. Due to mature themes, this book is not intended for anyone under the age of eighteen. There are scenes in this book that may be a trigger for someone people.

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Review – My Worst Best Mistake by Kenzie Reed

Captionless Image

My Worst Best Mistake; Sugar Sands #2
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: August 17, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Comedy/Billionaire-Bosshole/Second Chance Romance

Author: Kenzie Reed

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A light, fluffy romcom with a bright colorful, secondary cast and a grumpy-sunshine second chance at love.

Caroline and Grant met twelve years ago, but never knew each other’s real name during their brief love affair. Fast forward to the present and paint Caroline shocked when Romeo walks back into her life, but he’s a grumpy billionaire who’s name just happens to be Grant Kingsley…THE Grant Kingsley who happens to run the oil company which is not the face of eco-friendly, something that is highly important to the very island that Caroline is the mayor of.

Caroline is definitely the sunshine to Grant’s eternal grumpiness, but together they make a pretty great team. While he needs her to gather the community together, he doesn’t lack charm in presenting his own company. They are both workaholics in their own way, but they also enjoy discovering new adventures together that is completely adorable.

There were some great twists and My Worst Best Mistake is full of small town shenanigans, great chemistry and lots of family fun.

When it comes to sexy oil baron Grant Kingsley, you can leave out the drilling jokes—I’ve heard them all before.

The question is, how did I, mayor of a tiny island full of trouble-making senior citizens, end up working directly under him? And why does my mind go to the most inappropriate places every time I ask myself that question?
And what would he look like without that custom-tailored wool suit and expression of insufferable arrogance?

Doesn’t matter. After vanishing from my life when I needed him most, he’s swooped into town with plans to turn our little slice of paradise into an ecological disaster. And he’s forcing me to help pave this highway to Hades—well, he thinks he is. I’m here to block him by any means necessary, and as he’s about to find out, I fight dirty.

So dirty. Just like my thoughts about Grant Kingsley. In fact—

Wait, where were we again?

Oh yes. All I have to do for the next eight weeks is 1.) Resist the charms of a delightful family of eco-villains, 2.) Hide an earth-shattering secret, and 3.) Try not to fall in love – again – with my greatest nemesis.
That last one may be the toughest assignment of them all.

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Cover Reveal – HELL HATH NO FURY Anthology

 Release Date: October 18

Hell Hath No Fury is an anthology of short stories from some of your favorite authors, featuring strong female leads. One hundred percent of the proceeds are going toward charities fighting for our reproductive rights and protecting women’s bodily autonomy throughout the United States.
Hell Hath No Fury will only be available in eBook and paperback for a limited time.
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Authors involved in this anthology:

Anne Malcom | Jessica Gadziala | BT Urruela | Willow Winters | Giana Darling | Carly Phillips | Danielle Pearl | Skye Warren | Sandy Alvarez | Serena Akeroyd | Clarissa Wild | Crystal Daniels | India R. Adams | Amelia Wilde | Cassandra Robbins | Dove Cavanaugh King | Kat T. Masen | Sierra Glass | LP Lovell | Piper Davenport | Jack Davenport | KL Donn | Nicole Blanchard | Nikki Belaire | Claire Hastings | Max Henry | Alexandria Bishop | Jenika Snow | Amie Knight | Anne Mercier | Anna Edwards | Cali Melle | Eden Summers | Susanne Valenti | C. Hallman | Hannah McBride | Anna B. Doe | Samantha Young | Ivy Fox | Bella Matthews | Sade Rena | Saffron A Kent | Evie Mitchell | Darcy Rose | Amelia Wilde | Susanne Valenti | Caroline Peckham | Sarah Bale | Dee Palmer


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Cover Reveal – God of Pain by Rina Kent


Rina Kent has revealed the cover for God of Pain!

Releasing: September 15, 2022

I made a terrible mistake.
Being a mafia princess, I knew my fate was already decided.
But I went ahead and longed for the wrong one.
Creighton King is bad news with a gorgeous exterior.
He’s silent, brooding, and obviously emotionally unavailable.
So I thought it’s over.
Until he awakens a beast inside me.
My name is Annika Volkov and I’m Creighton’s worst enemy.
He won’t stop until he breaks me.
Or I break him.


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Meet Rina

Rina Kent is an international bestselling author of everything enemies to lovers romance.
Darkness is her playground, suspense is her best friend, and twists are her brain’s food. However, she likes to think she’s a romantic at heart in some way, so don’t kill her hopes just yet.
Her heroes are anti-heroes and villains because she was always the weirdo who fell in love with the guys no one roots for. Her books are sprinkled with a touch of mystery, a healthy dose of angst, a pinch of violence, and lots of intense passion.
Rina spends her private days in a peaceful town in North Africa daydreaming about the next plot idea or laughing like an evil mastermind when those ideas come together.

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