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Review – My Worst Best Mistake by Kenzie Reed

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My Worst Best Mistake; Sugar Sands #2
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: August 17, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Comedy/Billionaire-Bosshole/Second Chance Romance

Author: Kenzie Reed

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A light, fluffy romcom with a bright colorful, secondary cast and a grumpy-sunshine second chance at love.

Caroline and Grant met twelve years ago, but never knew each other’s real name during their brief love affair. Fast forward to the present and paint Caroline shocked when Romeo walks back into her life, but he’s a grumpy billionaire who’s name just happens to be Grant Kingsley…THE Grant Kingsley who happens to run the oil company which is not the face of eco-friendly, something that is highly important to the very island that Caroline is the mayor of.

Caroline is definitely the sunshine to Grant’s eternal grumpiness, but together they make a pretty great team. While he needs her to gather the community together, he doesn’t lack charm in presenting his own company. They are both workaholics in their own way, but they also enjoy discovering new adventures together that is completely adorable.

There were some great twists and My Worst Best Mistake is full of small town shenanigans, great chemistry and lots of family fun.

When it comes to sexy oil baron Grant Kingsley, you can leave out the drilling jokes—I’ve heard them all before.

The question is, how did I, mayor of a tiny island full of trouble-making senior citizens, end up working directly under him? And why does my mind go to the most inappropriate places every time I ask myself that question?
And what would he look like without that custom-tailored wool suit and expression of insufferable arrogance?

Doesn’t matter. After vanishing from my life when I needed him most, he’s swooped into town with plans to turn our little slice of paradise into an ecological disaster. And he’s forcing me to help pave this highway to Hades—well, he thinks he is. I’m here to block him by any means necessary, and as he’s about to find out, I fight dirty.

So dirty. Just like my thoughts about Grant Kingsley. In fact—

Wait, where were we again?

Oh yes. All I have to do for the next eight weeks is 1.) Resist the charms of a delightful family of eco-villains, 2.) Hide an earth-shattering secret, and 3.) Try not to fall in love – again – with my greatest nemesis.
That last one may be the toughest assignment of them all.

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