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Review – Bloody Cruel Monster by Lucy Smoke

Bloody Cruel Monster; Sick Boys #6
(#2 within a duet, #6 within a series)

Publication Date: August 26, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Dark/Bully Romance

Author: Lucy Smoke

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Picking right up where the last book left off Bloody Cruel Monster hardly leaves time to rest. It’s fast paced, bloody – as the title suggests – and full of twists.

At twenty-two the boys are beginning to feel old and recognize that perhaps their old ways need to change. That their group is growing and that looking towards the future isn’t a curse word. Once they take care of the problem, literally sitting in their living room – Ace and by association, Clover, they might just get to do that.

As a member of the Undead, Ace has brought trouble to these boys time and again, and now they want payment in the form of his sister, Clover, but Brax won’t have it. She’s his and no one takes what belongs to him. However, Clover refuses to belong to anyone, but the Undead seem to think otherwise.

Clover is tough and her monsters have come out to play, even with Brax. She doesn’t sit back and let someone fight for her. Not her brother, not the other Sick Boys, and especially not Brax. If the Undead want her, bring it on, she will go down fighting. I do admire her fighting spirit, especially when fighting with the Undead.

Brax struggles with his dominating ways. He wants to lock up Clover and never let her leave, but he also loves watching her fight. His duality is something he struggles with, but his vulnerability is quite beautiful in this book and sometimes I want to slap Clover for not noticing it sooner. However, eventually we get to see that these two are perfect together as his monster loves her no matter what.

This book is bloody and gruesome, at times, and is not for the faint of heart. But for anyone who loves dark, and hard won romance, this book is sinfully perfect.

It will end the same way it started … with death.


I gave Braxton Smalls everything. I sacrificed myself and all I ended up with was a broken heart and a shattered soul. Now, I’ve got bigger things to worry about than an angry Eastpoint Heir hot on my trail.

Brax may be the psycho who kidnapped me–but he’s nothing compared to the organization my brother works for.

And me? I’m the monster ready to wreck them all.


I live for vengeance. That’s all I know, all I see. Until her. Until Clover La Roux. No … until Evgenia Volkov. Daughter of a Russian mobster. Sister to the man who tortured one of my best friends. The only woman to ever satisfy the cruel desires inside of me.

Whoever took her will pay with their lives. And once I have her back, I’ll make sure she can never leave me again. Consequences be damned.

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