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Review – Bitter Sweet Heart by H. Hunting

Bitter Sweet Heart; Lies, Hearts, & Truths #2
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: September 1, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Sports/Age Gap/Forbidden Romance

Author: H.Hunting

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


I should have known, I should have been prepared for Maverick Waters, but his giant heart, his beautiful soul absolutely blew me away!!

As the son of NHL star Alex Waters and brilliant, but mostly known for her runaway mouth, Violet Waters, Maverick has a lot to live up to within his own family. Living in the shadow of his father isn’t exactly easy, not that his dad has pressured him into playing hockey or even following in his footsteps…it truly is something that Maverick has always wanted, until senior year of college hits him like a ton of bricks.

Maverick is the middle child, basically. He’s the child who doesn’t create waves, he’s the one who fixes everyone’s problems, he’s also the one that tends to get forgotten. How is that last statement even possible when he’s following in his father’s footsteps and living in the hockey limelight? Just look at the previous two statements and it all begins to make sense.

Within Maverick’s own family, especially when they ALL suffered a terrible trama, it’s easy to forget that it affects everyone and not just the individual. Helena tackled this anxiety and past trauma beautifully. I was in tears over and over again not only for Maverick, but for his entire family during these highly emotional moments. While Maverick was the fixer, the one his siblings always relied on and his parents could turn to, the one thing his parents didn’t have to worry about was Maverick, but what did he do when his siblings no longer needed him and he’s the one who might be a little lost?

Maverick’s has a huge….heart (where is your mind going?) His huge heart extended to the woman he meets, Clover Sweet. She’s someone he never saw coming, but once he’s in, he can’t stop thinking about her. His professor, who is forbidden and completely not available while he sits in her class.

Then her life completely flips his world upside down and the compassion he displays…sigh…he completely broke me open and I’m not only in awe of him, but how he lives his life, his core values and morals is just inspiring. Well done Alex and Violet for raising such a fine young man, with a mouth that does tend to run away with him and a well endowed….well you know 😉 This time let your mind run free…LOL

Bitter Sweet Heart is melty with all the feels, tears, and sweet moments that Hunting is well known for. The Waters family is great together and especially in those small moments. Get some tissues for those.

From the outside looking in, I live a charmed life: hockey legend for a father, my own promising future in the league, a great family, awesome friends. It’s not untrue, but it’s not quite that simple either.

My dad’s advice has always been to make hockey my number-one priority—at least until I make it to the pros. So, going into my senior year of college, I have a plan. I’ll put in the effort required to pass my classes, play hockey like my life depends on it, and avoid relationships. All I have to do is stay focused on the end game, and I’ll walk away with a degree and into a career in the NHL.

It should be easy.

But when a woman literally floats into my dock, just before summer ends and my senior year begins, I can’t resist one last hookup. What harm could a one-night stand do? It’s not like we even exchanged numbers.

Everything is fine until I run into her on campus.

It’s a big school. I should be able to avoid her.

Except she happens to be in my class.

And she’s not a student.

She’s my professor.

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Review – Dark Legacy by Tracy Lorraine

Dark Legacy; Knight’s Ridge Empire #12
(#3 within a duet, #12 within series)

Publication Date: August 25, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Dark/Forbidden/Mafia Romance

Author: Tracy Lorraine

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Calli and Batman…all the sighing…all the feels…this couple is everything!!

Why is it that dark, broody, bad boys are super extra hot when they are sweet, loving, and of course all caveman, behind closed doors? All of their obsessive, focused nature is only for their woman and they would do anything to love and protect her.

Again…HUGE sigh!!!

Calli and Batman’s love has been nothing but hard won while filled with angst and turmoil. This last book was especially full of grief and lots of change, but thankfully with lots of family support, which includes their ever expanding group of friends, that change is an easier pill to swallow.

Soooo many heartfelt moments in this final book, along with big conversations that look like there are still major things on the horizon for this amazing group of friends. I can hardly wait to see how they continue to change and grow.

I love how with each trilogy not only has each member of this family shown tremendous character development, but they’ve matured and stepped more into their role they will eventually take over within the family organization. Tracy has written a great overall storyline, but I do want to throwin that Calli and Batman are still one of my favorite couples.

Dark Legacy is the twelfth book in my Knight’s Ridge Empire series, and the third book of Calli and Batman’s story. Grab the tissues, and prepared yourself because this one is going to put you through the wringer.

USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tracy Lorraine brings you a new dark mafia, high school bully romance story set in the Knight’s Ridge Empire world.

We knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

That our love could start a war.

That my family might not accept the idea of us.

But we never even got the chance to find out…

Because everything’s been ripped away from me.

And all I’m left with is the memory of his touch and secrets that are threatening to break me from the inside out.

Everyone tries keep me together as my entire world falls apart.

But it’s never going to be enough.

Nothing ever will be. Without him.

All I can do is hold onto the shattered pieces and try to find a way to make my damaged heart beat again.

I finally get what I always wanted— a chance to decide my own future. But I didn’t know this legacy would cost me everything.

I would give it all back, to be in his arms again…

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