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Review – Resisting the Grump by Ashley Munoz

Resisting the Grump

Publication Date: September 2, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Small Town/Contemporary Romance

Author: Ashley Munoz

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A fantastic small-town book with a lovely romantic twist. Resisting the Grump completely melted my heart and wrapped my up in all the warm fuzzy feelings of perfectly matched love.

Rae and Davis are soulmates, but their road to getting there, while completely endearing and paved with all the butterfly feelings that constantly gave me giddy emotions, was not full of sunshine and magic. However, their story was a pure reading delight and Munoz brought her A game in crafting it.

When love is right and two people are meant to be together there sometimes are barriers to stop that from happening. Sometimes it just takes timing and the right placement for everything to line up accordingly, which Rae and Davis discovered along their journey.

Five years younger than Davis, Rae was infatuated with him at a very young age. Davis, however, did not find the crush quite as cute, but he also had his reasons for being a huge grump. Fast forward several years and the tables have turned. Davis doesn’t recognize Rae as the young girl who used to follow his every move, she’s now a beautiful young woman and he can’t stop thinking about her, too bad this time around she wants nothing to do with him.

Resisting the Grump is sweet and adorable, while also incredibly steamy…Davis is one dirty AF talker, oh my….it’s also full of emotions from both Rae and Davis. I’ll let you in on one little tidbit…Davis isn’t the only grumpy gus in this book, but the two of them verbally sparring…I’ll just call that foreplay.

This book definitely falls into the must read category. It’s a feel good, don’t miss kind of story.

Ashley Munoz, brings a deliciously fun small-town romance, full of hilarious antics and a grumpy recluse-with no idea he has to not only win the girl but redeem himself in the process.

Stalking the town recluse wasn’t exactly wise.

Davis was five years older than me…antisocial and temperamental. And there was the little fact that he didn’t know I existed.

Still, I gave him my heart, and he crushed it.

So I picked up the pieces and ran away to New York City. I had a plan that would keep my heart intact for years.

But one phone call changed everything.

Returning home meant facing the past…and the man who ruined me.

I had hoped that the mountain had swallowed him whole.

But, as I set out to help my parents, I discover he’s not only alive and well, but that they apparently love the jerk.

He has no idea that we have a past, which is both a relief and salt in the wound.

I promise myself I’ll ignore how his eyes linger on me, or how his touch feels like a live wire, and I’ll remember that once upon a time he broke me, and for that, I refuse to fall for him again.

But I can’t control that he seems to be falling for me this time.

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