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Review – 50 Ways to Win Back Your Lover by Kelly Siskind

50 Ways to Win Back Your Lover; The Bower Boys #1
(#1 within a series)

Publication Date: September 6, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Comedy/Small Town/Second Chance Romance

Author: Kelly Siskind

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


ALL the big heart-googly eyed emojis and stars for 50 Ways to Win Back Your Lover!!! One of the most adorable, completely male POV, books I’ve read in a long time!

I can already tell that the entire Bower family is going to worm their way into my heart and reside there until the end of time. Edgar has already set up shop and made a permanent residence in there, pink couch and all…I’ll let him explain the princess decor, don’t worry, he makes it look very manly. But, back to Edgar and his 50 ways to win back his girl…he is one of the most likeable and relatable characters that I’ve instantly fallen in love with basically from page one in awhile. He’s filled with quirky humor and tons of internal freak outs that made me giggle over and over. He’s also totally sweet and adorkably charming in his own way…seriously, what’s not to like…aside from the fact that he completely and totally disappeared ten years ago and broke his girlfriend’s heart, but hey, he’s back and trying to make amends.

Delilah Moon – great name by the way – is still residing in their small hometown of Windfall and she has that small town on her side when Edgar comes back. I love small town books because of the close-tight knit communities and this book does it justice.

Seriously, or maybe, not so seriously, 50 Ways is filled with tons of humor, great secondary characters, and a likeable guy who feels really deeply about pretty much everything and everyone in his life. Winning back his first love should be a piece of cake-right?

I can’t wait to return to Windfall and see how each of Edgar’s brothers fare as each of them return to their former lives after a decade of being gone. The giddiness makes me chuckle everytime I think of it.

From Kelly Siskind comes a slow-burn romantic comedy about one man’s creative attempt to win back his high school sweetheart after a change in fortune gives them a second chance at love.

Growing up, I had it all—my art, close friends, a gorgeous girlfriend who owned my heart—but then my life exploded.

Turns out my father was laundering money, and my whole family got shoved into witness protection. No notice. No chance to explain. I was ripped away from beautiful, blue-eyed Delilah Moon, shattering both our worlds.

A decade later, fate has given us a second chance.

The cartel my father worked for has been wiped out. I’ve returned to my hometown, determined to win back the love of my life. But Delilah is engaged.

Or . . . is she?

I’m almost positive she’s lying about her fiancé to protect her heart. Which means I need to up my game.

I’ve made a list of fifty ways to prove we’re meant to be. Except Delilah’s barely looking at me, never mind swooning. I have a feeling my disappearance scarred her more than she’s admitting, and no one in town will tell me what happened . . .

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