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Review – Stealing Bama by Hannah Gray

Stealing Bama; Florida East University #2
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: September 1, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Sports/Second Chance Romance

Author: Hannah Gray

Review Rating: 4.5 Gold Stars


At the heart of this new adult romance, is a story about forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes, minor ones all the way up to major ones that you can’t take back and alter the course of your life, but everyone has the power to forgive and it’s up to you whether you decide to live with anger, grief, and resentment or forgive not only yourself, but those around you.

Beau “Bama” Bishop and Mila Hardy grew up together. Their father’s were best friends, along with their mothers, they were next door neighbors and business partners. Basically it was inescapable when one wanted to go somewhere without the other, that is until the day that Beau’s father was killed in a car accident. An accident that Mila’s dad survived. Needless to say all of their lives changed and Beau blamed the Hardy family and broke all ties. Soon after they moved not only away as neighbors, but out of state. Mila’s first crush made a statement loud and clear, but she is a girl who doesn’t take rejection quietly. Beau has been attending Florida East University and that’s where Mila has her sights set for college. Bama Bishop better watch out, Mila is racing in hot on his tail.

I waffled back and forth on these two while reading. There was a lot I liked about them, but there was also a lot I didn’t. While I understood the grief and resentment that Beau held onto and seeing Mila only brought on the memories of the night his father was killed, I wasn’t always thrilled about how Mila went about gaining his attention. This is a girl who is fearless on the racetrack and some of her antics just seemed a bit childish. However, when these two moved past the juvenile behavior, their deeper moments truly resonated and flushed out who they were as a character.

Stealing Bama does cross timelines with other books by Hannah, but this book can be read as a complete standalone.

I never imagined that one night could end the friendship Beau Bishop and I’d had since birth and sever all ties between our families. Especially when less than an hour prior to that tragic accident at the racetrack that night, he had confessed his love to me under the bleachers. A bond I’d thought could never be broken was smashed to smithereens in an instant.

He left Alabama, hightailing it to Florida without so much as a good-bye.

Two years later, we’ve crossed paths again. Only he’s no longer known as Beau Bishop. No, now, the boy that I’ve been in love with my entire life is called Bama. And Bama is a cocky, closed-off jerk.

As much as he tries to push me away, he should know how persistent I am when it comes to something I want. Losing is never an option. Just ask all of the guys I’ve raced to become number one.

Getting everything I’ve ever wanted is finally so close I can almost reach out and grab it. But you know that saying—waiting for the other shoe to drop? Yeah … well, those words were always in the back of my mind. Knowing it seemed too good to be true to finally have Beau Bishop in the palm of my hand.

And I was right. Because once again, I was alone.

Sometimes, fear makes you do stupid things when it comes to the ones you love. We were a walking example of that.

This is book two in the Florida East University series.

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