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Review – Unmanageable by Leslie McAdam

Unmanageable; In Vino Veritas #3
(#3 within an interconnected series)

Publication Date: September 13, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Contemporary/Single Dad/Age Gap/MM Romance

Author: Leslie McAdam

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


I love a well written story where two opposites attract. Unmanageable is the perfect grumpy/sunshine book to bring a smile to your face.

Scott and Luke are polar opposites, but match very well together. Luke is all work and no fun and Scott is all romantic ideas with his head in the sky. Together they balance each other out and offer one another the realism of fun that the other needs, without burning out in either category. They needed one another in more ways than one and it was beautiful to read how they opened each other up.

Luke was so stuck in his grouchy work-filled ways that he forgot to have a life, or that he really had a family. He was missing out on his adorable daughter and that she was growing up during the sweetest time in her young precious life.

Scott on the other hand was so far up in the clouds that he didn’t want to pay his bills or worry about a real job that his life was about to crash in on him. He was about to be evicted from his apartment and didn’t know how to begin paying his bills so he just avoided them all together….Oh, Scott.

Everyone needs that balance in their life. Everyone needs that person to pull them in from self destruction and everyone needs THEIR person. I loved how they still organically fell for each other, even with their close circumstances. Unmanageable was light hearted and full of steam, but also sweet with moments that involved their dates and especially when Scott was playing with Luke’s daughter.

I’ve never been romantic. Just ask my ex-wife.

Since she broke up with me, I get my needs met any time I want, without putting my heart on the line. Exactly how I like it.

But when she is called overseas and leaves me with our child, my bachelor lifestyle ends faster than you can say, “Daddy, I want a pony.”

I need help.

Problem is, help’s come in the form of an incredibly hot nanny.

My employee.

Who is much younger than me.

And also … a guy.

I watch Scott care for my kid and can’t help feeling like he clicks into place in her life.

When he looks at me, though … I get an entirely different feeling. One that makes me long for things I can’t have.

Like him.

Unmanageable is a contemporary m/m age gap romance about a starry-eyed nanny who wants hot-air balloon rides and singing telegrams and a grumpy single dad who most definitely does not.

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Review – The Chameleon Effect by Joe Arden

The Chameleon Effect
(A Standalone)

Publication Date: September 13, 2022

Genre/Tropes:  Romantic Comedy

Author: Joe Arden

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A great first book for Joe Arden and a cute story about how a little white lie can turn into a life changing big deal.

Will O’Connell has been working for years on being a paid actor. He’s a bit of a chameleon, in that he’s great at accents and can switch at the drop of a hat, but he’s been looking for his big break in Hollywood for years and fears that it will never come. However, one fateful conversation opens up a can of worms to an idea that once he jumps in, he can’t just as easily jump back out of.

Basically…Will’s argument is that all good roles go to actors with foreign accents. How is he, an American, supposed to get a job when he is already typecast? That is when Liam O’Connell is born with an Irish accent. Brilliantly when he goes to audition Will has a gorgeous Irish accent during introductions, but he flawlessly switches to an American accent during the scene, wowing everyone – especially the director. This is when Will opens a giant can of worms and they begin to dig a giant hole in his life.

Will’s first worm problem; he never expected to run into the girl of his dreams while he had to use his Irish accent and a background he doesn’t exactly want to lie about.

Will’s second worm problem is how easily his jobs are now stacking up. He’s now beginning to wonder if he’s always been this good of an actor or if it’s truly just the accent driving his career.

The holes the worms keep digging just get bigger and bigger, but how does he get out of the lie both driving his big break and his love life?

The Chameleon Effect is adorable and full of good natured fun. A total win for Joe’s first solo book.

Lights. Camera. Action…

I’ve got everything it takes to make it in Tinseltown: confidence, charisma, and a killer chin. Now all I need is a chance.

But Los Angeles is full of hot, young hunks, and talent might not be enough to separate me from the cookie-cutter crowd.

Well, you know what they say: fake it till you make it.

So I devise a wild scheme to get noticed. Pretend I’m someone I’m not—goodbye Will O’Connell of Cincinnati and hello Liam O’Connell of Dublin.

‘Liam’ and his talent with accents is enough to get my foot in the door, but I never anticipated meeting the woman who has me more worried about keeping my foot out of my mouth.

Enter Raven Locke, the dark-haired bombshell who puts the ‘tude in tattooed.

On set, she’s the costumer tasked with fitting my pants, but all I can think about is how to get into hers.

As my—I mean, Liam’s—budding career begins to heat up, so do our feelings.

While Raven pursues her passion for fashion; I chase her heart.

Our picture-perfect screenplay seems sure to send us riding off onto Sunset Boulevard… Until Raven finds out that Comedy and Tragedy aren’t the only masks I’m wearing. Our romance might be destined for the cutting room floor, unless I can salvage our story with a plot twist she won’t see coming.

*This first-person, male-POV rom-com has it all: lots of heat, plenty of heart, and a Hollywood-worthy HEA.

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