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Review – A Stolen Suit by Angela Casella

A Stolen Suit; Fairy Godmother Agency #2
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: September 29, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Comedy

Author: Angela Casella

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


It’s reading slapstick comedy!! The Fairy Godmother Agency strikes again and it’s hilarious!!

When Nicole and Damien decide to help out Grace Donnelly with her problem, her ex who is now living in her town and basically haunting her after six years, they take her case to…well….cause him some strife…that’s the best way to put it. It’s basically hilarious and best read to find out exactly everything that happens to Enoch, but is it really fair once you know his story? Sure, every ex needs just a little strife in their life.

Grace has been working as a PA for a romance author for the past six years, instead of doing, one…working in business, which is what her degree is in or two…being a published author herself. Call Enoch surprised when he rolls into town and talks to her again, but especially when she won’t talk to him. It’s been six years and he did sort of take her job, but she wanted to write books, so call him perplexed…really, really perplexed.

Enoch Laskin is in town working with Grace’s employer, helping her rebrand her image, but he also his his own reasons for taking the job and they might all revolve around his old flame. Poor Enoch and his all the karma coming his way….he’s sweet and extremely good natured, with a cremudgend father and adorable, can I still say adorable when they are sixteen, nephew living with him.

Actually all of the secondary characters are fantastic and bring the comedy to life. A Stolen Suit is fun, light, and just all around will bring a smile to your face. Pick up this second chance, laugh out loud romance for pure reading enjoyment.

I hate him…but I also want to touch his abs. Is that normal?


My boss, the famous romance novelist, always said she’d open doors for me when I finished writing my first book. Only I have…and she hasn’t. Worse, I just met her new brand manager, and I know him.

Enoch “the Suit” Laskin made my life miserable in business school, right up until he seduced me. Then he took an internship with Parker Brand Management, working for my father, the other man I hate.

Enoch is a traitor. He’s a jerk. It’s torture to be around him.

Lucky for me, the Fairy Godmother Agency, a husband and wife P.I. team who help women in dire straits, have offered to make me their next client.

The Suit won’t know what hit him.

I sold my soul to John Parker, and I still haven’t gotten it back.

Grace thinks I betrayed her. She’s not wrong, but she doesn’t know the full story.

Through a few twists of fate, I’ve become the caretaker of my grumpy father and teenage nephew. I’m determined to prove myself to Grace, and to them, but everything keeps going disastrously wrong.

If I were a more superstitious man, I’d think someone was out to get me.

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