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Review – Heart of Stone by K.K. Allen

Heart of Stone; Camp Bexley #3
(#3 within an interconnected series)

Publication Date: September 27, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Second Chance/Contemporary Romance

Author: K.K. Allen

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Grab the tissues and also prepare to smack Benson Bexley around a little bit because Heart of Stone is quite the emotional roller coaster ride, but an amazing ride it was!

When this book first started I did not like Benny Bexley very much. He was a bit skeevy and totally conceited, but I also knew beneath all of that bravado he was hurting. While all of the Bexley brothers went through a great tragedy years ago, Benson lost even more, as he lost his twin brother. Carrying this grief around for the past decade, having it weigh down on his shoulders only made him harden his heart to those around him, living life on the surface and never digging deep, but as the story went along and Benson dug into those long buried emotions….wow, he is one really great guy, with a really dirty mouth. I totally fell in love.

Brooklyn Kennedy had a major crush on Benson back in high school and he had no idea she really existed, at least not the real Brooklyn. It was unstandable considering those were the darkest days of his life, but she didn’t really understand back then. Fast forward to the present and Benson is back in town, a place he never thought he’d return to, but to pass the time he signs up for an art class, one that Brooklyn is teaching. All I’ll say is Brooklyn isn’t exactly happy to see the man who doesn’t remember her one bit.

I adored Brooklyn and her smart, feisty spirit. She also has the perfect softness to loosen up Benson’s hardness. He’s been going at the same speed for so long, it isn’t until he is challenged by Brooklyn that he actually slows down and softens up. Those moments require tissues, on the flip side there are also lots of moments where Benson’s sweetly, dirty mouth comes out to play and you might need a fan to cool down instead.

Heart of Stone and Benson Bexley have become my favorite Bexley book, but I do have a feeling that the youngest brother, Cayson, has a strong shot of over taking all of his older brothers.

Benson Bexley always had a heart of stone.
Apparently nothing changes.

When he returns home after a decade gone, I recognize him right away.
How could I forget him?
He’s the same cocky flirt who slid dirty poetry to me in art class.
With the same stone-cold stare that shielded his soul from the world.
And that same sharp-edged jaw that cut straight through my heart like a dagger.

Fortunately, this time I see right through his arrogant charm.
Even better, he doesn’t remember who I am.
And I have no intention of reminding him.
After all, it’s only a matter of time until his nomadic life takes him away again.
When his poetic charm strikes again, I play along.
But maybe it’s time he got a taste of his own medicine.

It’s not in my nature.
But Benson Bexley deserves nothing less.
It’s time for that heart of stone to shatter.

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