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Review – Of Truths and Bonds by Zavi

Of Truths and Bonds; Elysian Gods #2
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: September 27, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Fantasy/Mythology/Fated Mates Romance

Author: Zavi James

Review Rating: 4 Gold Stars


There were parts of this book I enjoyed, but other parts I struggled with.

Normally I love stepping into fantasy worlds, learning new creatures and what powers they have, but for some reason I struggled with the layers and the constant barrage of different characters I was introduced to.

Granted, I will take some of the blame, I jumped into book two, without having read the first book, but I tend to catch on to most things I read and this particular book I…just…didn’t.

So, let me focus on the parts I did enjoy…I loved the chemistry between Gray and Quen. When they were on and truly focused on each other, it was hot and blazing. The love they shared was intense and fated mates are truly magical. So…YES, give me more of that, I was all in.

I also loved the fluidity of the Gods and Goddesses when it came to love. As far as most mythology goes, when it comes to who they play with they tend to be gender neutral when it comes to their sexualtiy and I’m glad that Zavi kept with that theme. Especially with today’s relationships and hopefully everyone opening a bit more to the concept of fluidity I certainly appreciated it.

Like most mythology, there is a lot of politics, especially with Quentin’s life on the line, but we all know Gods love to play with fate and especially in human or even half-breed lives. Quen is no exception, as she has to prove why she should be allowed to live, even when she’s mated to the God of Chaos.

So, like I said, there was a lot to like and most of what I personally struggled with, were truly my own issues. So if you enjoy mythology and fated mates, start with book one and enjoy Gray and Quen.

“You’re a scientist, Quentin. One microlitre. One milligram. One decimal point. The smallest fraction can change the course of your work and endanger lives, no?”

Grayson thought he could break his host – the non-believer with an iron will – until he discovered they were soulbound. By saving her life, he’s hung a death sentence over her head. All the careful plans he laid out must be pushed aside in order to convince the council that her existence is valuable. But the God of Chaos isn’t known for his congeniality.

Quentin never trusted the Gods, and they have proven her right. Half of them lied to her about what she truly was, and the other half want her dead because of it. Time is running out before the council reconvene, and she has a lot to learn. For once, the books won’t help her, and she must rely on the Gods more than ever.

As Quentin learns to control her powers and accept her heritage, a series of truths come to light and leave her questioning everyone around her. Elysian politics are far more complicated than she imagined, and she’s landed in the centre of it all. There are no safe bets in the heavens. Everyone looks out for themselves.

The Gods aren’t what they seem, but they know how to put on a show. Can you survive?

*This book contains sexually explicit scenes, mature language, discussion of deceased parents and sexual assault. Not intended for readers below 18. Reader discretion is advised.*

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