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Review – For Your Eyes Only by Tia Louise

For Your Eyes Only; Blurred Lines
(An interconnected standalone)

Publication Date: October 13, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Boss-Employee/Forbidden/Suspense Romance

Author: Tia Louise

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


I love a book that empowers one’s self identity to grow and Gia embodies that journey from beginning to end. Between the gorgeous symbolism with all of the butterflies and Gia’s personal story of spreading her wings, this story is not only steamy hot, but it’s beautiful as well.

I don’t know why it took me several chapters to realize that Trip was a secondary character from the past few books of Tia’s, but probably because this book stands completely his own. While Hana and Blake do pop up as timelines cross, I really enjoyed getting to know Trip as his own man.

Trip is a wealthy man. He owns multiple businesses, one happens to be a gentlemen’s club, but ironically he isn’t all that into strippers. His mind tends to wander as to what hardship might have brought them to the point of stripping, or if they have a hard life, etc…instead of enjoying the entertainment. That is until Glitter Girl takes the stage and suddenly he can’t take his eyes off of her.

Coming to America is nothing like Gia expected. Her dream job went belly up, she’s about to be homeless, and her fiancé is no longer her fiancé, but still her best friend since he is also looking for his own Prince Charming. When she feels like she’s run out of options she’s given a chance to dance, but it requires taking off her clothes, she’s hesitant, but it’s beats living on the street, so Glitter Girl is born.

Could Trip be her new Prince Charming or like all of her other American dreams will it go belly up? Can she trust her instincts and spread her wings or will Trip only be interested in her mystery and allure?

I loved their dynamic between her seductive innocence that was also super sweet – yes it totally makes sense – and his dirty beast side mixed with a big heart.

Can you love what you can’t touch?

No touching.
It’s the only rule in this business, and trust me, with my money and power, “hands off” is not a problem.
I don’t need the women I employ to satisfy my needs…
Until her.
She’s different than the other girls, innocent, intoxicating, impossibly seductive.
I can’t take my eyes off her, and it’s not long before hot looks turn to hotter touches.
I’m the boss, after all, I call the shots.
And nothing’s more fun than breaking the rules.

I came to this country to pursue my dream… but it was a lie, a scam that quickly fell apart.
Desperate, I took the only job I could with no work visa.
They promised no one would know.
They promised no touching.
Until I saw him.
Dark scruff shading an arrogant grin, lean muscles stretching expensive fabric, eyes like twilight sending electricity from my stomach to my toes.
He’s my boss, but the way he watches makes me do dirty things.
For his eyes only, I’m uninhibited, experienced, a seductress.
Only, our game turns dangerous when a watcher threatens everything, and my hands-on hero vows to save me.

(FOR YOUR EYES ONLY is a stand-alone, extra-spicy romantic suspense with forbidden touches, organized crime, and a virgin heroine. No cheating. No cliffhanger.)

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