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Review – A Very Merry Margarita Mix-Up by Brittanee Nicole

A Very Merry Margarita Mix-Up; Bristol Bay #5
(interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: November 11, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Holiday/Small Town Romance

Author: Brittanee Nicole

Review Rating: 4.5 Gold Stars4.5 stars


This was my first Brittanee Nicole book, but it was easy to jump into the Bristol Bay world and become familiar with all of the characters that lived within it.

Shawn Chase, while he’d been a famous baseball pitcher, was currently living in his sister’s basement and tending bar at his best friend’s bar and restaurant while he was figuring out his next steps in life. This was when his friend sent him his wish reminder about mixing up his life and wouldn’t you know it had more to do about his coming days than his bleak past when he’d filled out that dollar bill wish. As we quickly learn, Shawn is a man who makes bold moves and is probably the sweetest man to walk around the Bristol Bay area. While he originally thought he was making a move on his best friend, Hailey, it turns out it was actually her estranged twin sister, Jules. She’s just arrived in town and looking to reunite with her family when Shawn walks up to her and kisses her and let me tell you, the sparks ignite leading them on a path to all kinds of new found discovery, but before either of them can really figure out what that means, there are a lot of obstacles that end up on their path to love.

I loved the steam and romance that brewed between Shawn and Jules throughout the entire book. It was one that brewed slowly, even after that initial kiss, but let’s face it, they were literal strangers and took their time to get to know one another, but once they did…full steam ahead.

Also, with the small town atmosphere, the camaraderie between all of the cast, especially Shawn’s friends was a total joy to read. Jules’ family was a bit slower to warm to, just given the circumstances, but Shawn is the ever present cinnamon roll to help ease the tension and I loved him all the more for his charismatic sweetness.

A 4.5 star rating overall.

They say don’t kiss your best friend. I accidentally kissed her twin sister.

Jules and Hailey Milsom couldn’t be more different. Except they’re identical twins.

One is my best friend. The other is the new girl in town, searching for a family she never knew existed.

It’s just my luck that when I finally make a move on my best friend, I share the best kiss of my life with a stranger.

Any sane person would realize this is hopeless. But when the red-haired beauty needs a reason to stay in Bristol, I double down and try to make every one of her Christmas dreams come true.

And I kiss her…again and again.

But the one thing she really wants, a relationship with her twin, may be the one Christmas wish I can’t deliver.

And this mix-up may be nothing more than a mistake.

Authors Note: A Very Merry Margarita Mix-Up is a steamy interconnected standalone that features a cinnamon roll firefighter, a sweet baker, small town shenanigans and all the Christmas joy your heart can handle.

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