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Review – Bad for a Weekend by Misty Walker

Bad for a Weekend; Blurred Lines Series
(Standalone within a multi author series)

Publication Date: November 23, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Hurt-Comfort/Intrigue/Age Gap/Bodyguard/Forbidden Romance

Author: Misty Walker

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Bad for a Weekend was more of an emotional ride than I was expecting. It was full of the wonderfully forbidden trope that I have been enjoying with the Blurred Lines series, but it was also so much more and I loved every moment of it.

The deep dive into dark and emotional places, not only enhanced this story, but brought out the connection between Owen and Baylor. They were magnetic together on the page, even with their fourteen year age gap. While they should have been wrong on lots of levels; their age, he is her bodyguard, while she is legal, she is still in high school and so on and so forth. Yeah, there are all kinds of things stacked against them, but their chemistry makes you want them to work and push through all of the practical, nasty obstacles thrown in their way and find a way to make love work. Like I said, this book is heartfelt and this is just scraping the surface.

Both Owen and Baylor connect because they recognize the same deep scars within one another. Deep darkness that can only be formed from a shared similar trauma. Age didn’t matter when they were both suffering and these two understood one another on that level that no one else does. It’s beautiful and precious and I loved reading about their journey towards healing.

Yes, there is also a lot of dirty, delicious and forbidden moments between them, which also connected them on this deeper level and all of that together, with my heart strings pulling the entire time, made this a fantastic book to read.

From USA Today bestselling author Misty Walker comes an age gap, forbidden full-length standalone romance.

Owen Rollins’ life mission is to protect the young and innocent. But when he took the job to protect Baylor Giles, he miscalculated the situation.

Baylor may be young, but she’s not innocent. The way she prances around in her cheerleader skirt, throwing her coy smile his way. . .
No, she’s not innocent at all.

Still, he has a job to do, and he needs to remain focused. The threat to Baylor’s life is real, and he can’t let what happened last time happen again. Even if it would feel so good to show her the punishment for naughty girls who flirt with their bodyguard.

Nothing can happen. His resolve is firm, and his fortitude is unyielding.
Or is it?

Baylor Giles was a carefree, fun-loving teenager until that terrifying night everything changed.

Then Owen came into her life.

He makes her feel safe for the first time in a long time. But she also feels other things for the much older man. . . things she shouldn’t. And no matter how many times he turns her down, she knows he wants her too.

She’ll never convince him to be her forever, but can she convince this good guy to be bad for a weekend?

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