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Review – Once Upon a Sexy Scrooge by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Once Upon a Sexy Scrooge

Publication Date: November 29, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Small Town/Enemies-to-Lovers/Holiday/MM Romance

Author: Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Imagine if the Hallmark channel had a slightly dirtier side…this is exactly where this book would fall. Once Upon a Sexy Scrooge has ALL the magic of the holiday season, but rubbed down with the dirty writing that I love reading from this writing duo.

Maxwell Scott has no love for Christmas. Zero, zilch, nada. He is the Grinch and Scrooge all rolled into one hot man. To nail that point home, right before Christmas he approaches Micah Noble and his family, who own a Christmas tree farm, about the deal to buy their land, but Maxwell doesn’t quite understand why they won’t sell. Did he miss the Christmas part of the whole thing? No, he really dislikes this holiday. Unluckily or perhaps luckily for him, he gets snowed in when he drives out for a visit and is then forced to enjoy Christmas with the Nobles. Maxwell might just discover what all that magic of the holiday is about, while meeting the perfect lumberjack of his dreams to boot.

Micah and Maxwell couldn’t be more different from one another, but that only made this book adorably funny while Max grouches around and Micah gets a twinkle in his eye about it. I’ll admit there were times that I wanted to smack the Scrooge right out of Max, but there were also times that I could sympathize with the Grinch that lived inside of him too. I think we all have those moments which made this book perfect for this time of year.

It’s a short, sweet with the right amount of spice, holiday book that will warm you all over.

Ah, Christmas. The most magical time of the year. A time when the snow is falling, cider is flowing, and couples are kissing under the mistletoe.

Too bad all that makes me want to gag.

Look, it isn’t that I’m a hater, it’s just that I have a job to do, and this particular holiday is getting in the way of that. And I know what you’ll say, that Micah Noble’s Christmas Tree Farm is a beloved tradition for many of the families of Merrihill, but you have to see the bigger picture here: a five-star luxury resort where overworked Manhattanites can escape to, a serene place of spas and shopping and watching sexy lumberjacks chopping wood…

Oh, wait, scratch that last one. Lumberjacks aren’t my thing. Anymore. Micah Noble cured me of that, which tends to happen when you’re trying to buy someone’s family land to bulldoze to the ground.

He can call me a Scrooge all he wants, but business is business, and pleasure is…well, not something I can afford to think about. Even if it does come packaged in those tight jeans and flannel shirts that make me want to rip them off with my teeth—

No. This is not happening. I will not think of Micah as anything other than an obstacle to getting what I want. A really, really sexy obstacle.

Ugh. Screw Christmas and the sleigh it rode in on.

A sweet and sexy m/m holiday romance coming soon from USA TODAY Bestselling Authors Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine..

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