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Review – The Wild by Penelope Black

The Wild; The Wren #2
(#2 within a duet)

Publication Date: November 21, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Book Duet/Mafia/Dark/Reverse Harem/Suspense Romance

Author: Penelope Black

Review Rating: 4.5 Gold Stars


The second half of this duet is fast paced and it delves deeper into the relationships between Maeve and the Santorini brothers.

The secret is out, well, I guess it wasn’t really a secret, Maeve just wasn’t aware that all three men circling her life were actually related and neither were the brothers aware that the woman who’d bewitched them was one and the same. Plot twist!

As the opening of The Wild begins we pick up from the wedding where Maeve was sent to marry another man that was not any of the Santorini brothers, but they also happened to be sent to that very same wedding, but for very different reasons. What better way than to take out an opposing mafia family than at a family gathering, but things go a bit sideways for all of them. From this point on the lives of Maeve and the Santorini brothers turn upside down and the ability to choose between Romeo, Nico or Tommy is impossible especially when she can’t pinpoint which brother is the father of her baby. Go Maeve – why choose, take them all!

This entire duet is a pretty quick read, but it may have just felt like that because I couldn’t put it down for moment. I will note – I did feel like the ending of this particular book felt just a tad rushed, which is why I rated this a 4.5 stars overall, but I really did love the entire duet overall, especially the King sisters. They are #amazinggirlpower, tough, and never backed down from a challenge.

The thrilling conclusion to the Las Vegas duet!

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