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Review – Playing Hard to Get by Monica Murphy

Playing Hard to Get

Publication Date: December 1, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Sports/Opposites Attract Romance

Author: Monica Murphy

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Sweet, dirty, and completely enchanting. Knox and Joanna are pure magic on the page and I couldn’t get enough!

For a man who is labeled a player on campus, which he is – and he will admit it, Knox is one of the sweetest, most endearing, and openly honest book boyfriends you will run across. He’s currently in his senior year of college, feeling the pressure of the upcoming draft, his class schedule, fitting in PT, and now he needs to fit in a tutor for a class he’s struggling with. On the plus side, the tutor he hires is the girl he can’t stop thinking about, Joanna, or his Jo Jo.

Joanna is quiet, recovering from a recent breakup, and really, really doesn’t like football. When Knox Maguire keeps popping up in her life, he isn’t her type at all, not that he isn’t pretty eye candy, but aside from that, he is not the kind of man she would date. However, his honesty and his persistence works its way under her skin and the temptation of Knox breaks down every single barrier she originally threw up.

These two are more than chemistry, they are pure magic. Their relationship grew without drama and with tons of heart behind it. Playing Hard to Get is one of those feel good books that make you swoon and sigh with big heart eye emojis all over it!!

Knox Maguire is the king of our college campus.

Star offensive tight end on the football team.

He is the complete opposite of me in every way.

I’m quiet. He’s loud.

I’m shy. He’s definitely not.

Everyone loves him. No one knows me.

Fresh out of a breakup, I don’t really trust him, and why should I? Knox is the ultimate player. When I become his English tutor, I tell myself we need to keep things between us strictly business. Watching my mother deal with my ex-athlete father long, long ago taught me to stay far away from that type of man.

Yet Knox is impossible to resist. Next thing I know, we’re getting hot and heavy in the library—and that was never part of the plan. When Knox admits he can’t stop thinking about me, I have a realization.

I can’t stop thinking about him either.

Instead of keeping my distance, I pull him in closer. Until somehow, we’re spending all of our time together and I find myself falling for Knox. Hard.

Will this actually work between us? Or am I getting played?

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