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Review – Shut Out by Cathryn Fox

Shut Out; Scotia Storms #5
(An interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: December 13, 2022

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Small Town/Friends-to-Lovers/Holiday Romance

Author: Cathryn Fox

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Ryan and Alysha might just top my favorite couple in this series!! I was not expecting Ryan to be so gosh darn sweet, but holy moly…that boy is off the charts amazing!!

This couple connected on every possible level between their silly humor, chemistry, future ambitions, down to earth sensibilities, they just plain clicked and it made the story fly by.

Alysha goes home with Ryan during the Christmas holiday, avoiding her parents and boyfriend was a major factor, but also because she hurt her ankle and traveling the long distance home was nearly impossible.

While Alysha’s always been attracted to Ryan, she’s never acted on it, she’s had a long time boyfriend and has always been faithful. That is until he makes an ultimatum; come home for Christmas or else they are through. She takes the ultimatum and for the first time in her life feels free. That should tell her something right there, especially when her next impulse is to give into her long time feelings for Ryan and they embark on a holiday fling. You go girl!!

Ryan’s love for his family, his hometown, and pride for where he comes from is magnetic and it’s no wonder Alysha falls so easily. The hard part is making him believe in the magic of himself when it comes to something long term with Alysha, but Christmas is right around the corner and wishes happen….right?

Alysha and Ryan just shine on the page making this a truly feel good story that happens to be coming out at the perfect time for the holidays.

He’s as tough as nails on the ice, but off the rink, he’s a potato farmer from Prince Edward Island who knows exactly what he wants.

What he wants is me. A rich girl from the Hamptons who’s practically engaged.

When I find out my boyfriend is going to propose when I go home for the holidays, I do the only thing I can do. Run the other way.

That’s right, I’m a coward.

Thanks to an injury the night of our college’s holiday production, I have the perfect excuse to stay in hiding. Ryan drives me to his farm on the island to care for me, but the tension between us is explosive. Still, we keep our distance until my boyfriend gives me an ultimatum that ends our relationship.

Soon enough, Ryan and I are finding ways to warm our bodies during the cold winter nights, but when I start getting conflicting messages from his family and friends, I am no longer sure what Ryan wants.

When I get the answer wrong, and tragically hurt the guy I’ve fallen for, I’m not sure we can ever find our way back to happily ever after.

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