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Review – Filthy Jealous Heir #1 by Caitlyn Dare

Filthy Jealous Heir; Heirs of All Hallows’ #1
(#1 within a series)

Publication Date: December 15, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Book Duet/New Adult/Secret Society/Sports/Enemies-to-Lovers/Bully Romance

Author: Caitlyn Dare

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Caitlyn Dare brings us a new world where several bad boys belong to a hypocritical-long-standing-tradition secret society. One that I feel the women in this world won’t just roll over and just beg at their feet. Filthy Jealous Heir was dark and delicious in only the best way an enemies-to-lovers story can be.

Yes, I do love a really good bad boy, but Caitlyn Dare also loves bringing us the equally good bad girl to rile those bad boys right up. Honestly, those books from Dare are my favorite and so far this first part of FJH is falling right into that category.

I would recommend reading the prequel for some reference. It covers the initiation along some other vital information between everyone and where a lot of the animosity between everyone stems from.

While Reese makes it pretty clear that he dislikes Olivia she also makes it clear that she is not a girl who backs down or rolls over when Reese pushes her around. She grew up with all of the Heirs and while her twin brother is initiated into the society and is uber protective of her, if there is anyone who might have more sway over her it’s her twin. Aside from that Olivia has a voice and she gets a  little tired of the “boys will be boys” phrase her dad tosses out or even walking down memory lane as he glosses over her comments and basically pats her on the head. I feel Olivia is going to bring a day of wreckening and I can hardly wait.

Reese is filled with some dark secrets and yet, he is also filled with a lot of regret. I don’t believe he’s entirely looking to ruin people for the sake of being a total douche, although a lot of his actions sort of lead us down that path…he’s angry, he’s definitely hurt, and he’s lashing out because of everything that is pent up and out of his control. I’m calling him a lion with a thorn in his paw and he believes that Olivia is a mouse. Did that fable work out well for both animals, maybe I need to brush up on my Aesop, either way…I can hardly wait for the continuation of this story since we were left with a whopper of a cliffhanger. Will the lion catch his mouse once the thorn is removed or will the mouse run away?


A brand new dark bully romance series from bestselling author Caitlyn Dare.

The Heirs of All Hallows’ are waiting to corrupt you…

He’s filthy. He’s jealous… and he’s dead set on ruining her.

Olivia Beckworth knows what it’s like to live in a man’s world. She is the twin sister of an All Hallows’ Heir, after all.

Wicked. Arrogant. Entitled. They stalk the halls of All Hallows’ like gods.

She hates everything they stand for, everything they represent. But she hates none more than Reese Whitfield-Brown. Her brother’s ex-best friend and the Heir that up and left them without so much as a word.

At least with Reese gone, no one will ever find out her dirty secret little secret.

She’s safe. She can move on with her life…

Until Reese shows up ready to get revenge on everyone who hurt him.

Including Olivia.

His new stepsister.

What you can expect:

🖤Enemies to Lovers



🧡Secret Society

Filthy Jealous Heir: part one is a dark high school bully romance. If possessive, rugby playing alphaholes aren’t your thing, you probably won’t like this book!

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Review – Natural Disaster by Skye Warren and Amelia Wilde

Natural Disaster; Deserted Island #2
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: December 6, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Suspense/MFM/Midnight Dynasty Romance

Author: Skye Warren and Amelia Wilde

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A heart pounding read for so many reasons!! Non-stop action, intense emotions, wild weather, and wicked chemistry between not just two people, but three.

I kept wondering through the entire book…how will they come out of this alive?After the cliffhanger from book one, I wasn’t sure how the three of them would even see each other again much less survive the wrath of the wild jungle, but leave it up to a Morelli and that family makes anything possible while looking downright sinful doing it.

Carter and Theo work together to get June back after she’s taken from the island. That’s right, Carter works with the man who, when book one ended helped in June’s capture, but there is so much underlying to Theo and his backstory. Understanding him and his intentions…ugh…I fell for the guy BIG time as the story progressed.

All I want to say about Carter…imagine 007 crossed with Indiana Jones, but in Morelli form…yummy!! It totally makes me want to be June, who by the way is the perfect glue for these two men. She understands the intensity in both of their characters. While Carter may wear his on his sleeves in a refined form, Theo’s is raw and untapped and June’s ability to view them and understand them for who they are is quite precious. She is the perfect softness for both of these alpha men.

This book is intense, filled with non-stop action and quite the cliffhanger. I can hardly wait to dive back in to find out how it all concludes.

Carter Morelli had a plan when he left London: deliver the wildlife photographer and then complete his secret mission. Except a lethal enemy has watched their every move. They tampered with the plane, leaving them stranded on a deserted island.

And they kidnapped June Porter, the innocent photographer.

In order to save her, Carter must confront the mysterious man in the jungle.

Who is he? Savior or betrayer?

He has no choice but to face the greatest enemy of all: the powerful feelings that draw him toward both June and the man in the jungle. Those feelings might kill them all.

Welcome to the Midnight Dynasty… The warring Morelli and Constantine families have enough bad blood to fill an ocean, and their brand new stories will be told by your favorite dangerous romance authors.

WARNING: This book is intended for readers eighteen years old and over. It contains material that some readers could find disturbing. Enter at your own risk…

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Blog Tour – Villain Era by Luna Pierce

Release Date: December 9
He was once our enemy, but now he’s my bodyguard.

After our rival gives up the throne as my dying wish, my men trust him to keep a close watch on me and protect me from any danger that may come my way.

He keeps me safe, somehow understanding the darkness that lurks inside of me. He knows it cannot be caged, and he allows me the ability to set it free when we’re alone.

The things I’ve done don’t hold a candle to the things I will do.

I have everything I could possibly want…three sexy, attentive, mafia boyfriends. All of us are under one roof, and they spoil and provide for my every desire.

But why do I have a nagging feeling that something—or someone—is still missing from my life?

Am I selfish for being insatiable when I already have more than most?

When our true enemies, the ones we thought we eliminated, come back to finish what they started, I worry I may not be able to escape death this time around.

I end up sharing a secret with the one man I shouldn’t let in—a secret that holds the power to ruin us all.

I may have crossed a line, but whether my men like it or not, this vixen is entering her villain era.


Grab Your Copy Here!
Available in KU
Meet Luna Pierce

Gritty romance for those who like to get in their feels.

Luna Pierce is a paranormal and contemporary romance author who loves getting lost in her stories. She brings you tough characters that love fiercely and fight for what’s right. Luna loves all things gritty, and even supernatural, especially: witches, vampires, and werewolves.


When she’s not writing, you’ll find her consuming way too much coffee, making endless to-do lists, and spending time with her daughter and cats in small-town Ohio. 


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