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Review – Trey by Brooke O’Brien

Trey; A Rebels Havoc #3
(Interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: December 16, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Opposites Attract/Rock and Roll/Secret Baby Romance

Author: Brooke O’Brien

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Trey, Trey, Trey…there is always one in a group who throws me for a loop and this story was it!! Trey completely captured my heart and he never has to give it back!!

Trey did not grow up with the other members of A Rebels Havoc, he was a new addition right before their newest tour. It’s not to say he’s new to playing or new to touring, he’s just new to a band who’s been tight for years. We didn’t know much about Trey aside from Tysin held some animosity towards him, but Trey was basically this new shiny toy to play with. Or maybe like a sinful and slightly used one…anyway…I’m rambling. The thought of Trey, sin, and toys and my mind starts to wander down very wicked paths…anywho….

Trey begins the story with the typical rocker persona; women, liquor, rinse and repeat. It isn’t until Layken appears before him that Trey is basically hit upside the head like an old time cartoon. He seriously doesn’t understand what is going on inside of himself. He can’t stop thinking about her, wanting to find her, talk to her, etc…He’s never felt anything like it and given his lifestyle he doesn’t really have anyone to talk to. He’s that sweetly adorable, when he shouldn’t be. Ugh, this guy shouldn’t be redeemable, but his emotional awakening is literally the best thing ever!!  I want to wrap him in bubble wrap and hug him forever.

I can’t leave Layken out of this love fest either. She is also an amazing force on the page. Layken knows who she is the entire time and never wavers, I love that about her. She makes a great partner for a man like Trey and I’m so happy how their story turned out.

The band is growing with only one member left to fall. I can hardly wait to see how Madden’s story fits in with the rest of the band.

USA Today Bestselling author Brooke O’Brien delivers a whirlwind rock star romance about the newest bad boy of A Rebels Havoc and the good girl virgin who brings him to his knees.

Trey Whitt is no stranger to the rock ‘n’ roll life.

New city every night, and a new fling in his bed. He could have any woman he wanted, but he set his sights on me.

After joining A Rebels Havoc, Trey’s not ready for what comes along with his sudden rise to fame. He certainly never could’ve prepared for all his dirty secrets and sex life to be dragged through the headlines.

For all my life, I’ve never been the one who gets chosen, the one all the men desired. I’ve spent the past twenty-two years holding on to my innocence. So when I catch Trey watching me from across the nightclub, I decide he’s the one I want to claim it.

I know better than to think anything more could come from hooking up with a rock star. During my walk of shame the following morning, I’m forced to face reality when he calls me by the wrong name.

No matter how hard it is to forget our night together, I’m determined to put him and his dirty mouth behind me. Only neither of us is ready for the turn our life takes, bringing us back together again.

Secrets, lies, and rumors—each of them could destroy his career and tear us apart.

Yet there’s one secret from our past neither of us saw coming, and when Trey finds out, it could ruin everything we have between us.


Author’s Note: Trey is a standalone and can be read without reading any other books in the A Rebels Havoc series. If you prefer to read in order, start with Brix as the stories do interconnect.

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