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Review – The Hatesick Diaries by Saffron A Kent

The Hatesick Diaries (St. Mary’s Rebels, #5)

The Hatesick Diaries; St. Mary’s Rebels #5
(Standalone within an interconnected series)

Publication Date: January 10, 2023

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Opposites Attract/Sports Romance

Author: Saffron A Kent

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Within the first few chapters I knew that Reign Davidson was going to come very close to kicking Arrow off the boyfriend pedestal that he’s been sitting on for quite awhile. Of course Reign would love every moment of kicking Arrow off that pedestal, but I’m letting them share it for now…because Arrow is still my first love, and Reign…he’s truly one of the best good-bad boys I’ve read. Good luck sharing space boys!!

Pretty much from the very beginning of the story I was deeply in love with the bad boy, bandit, Reign. While he’s not all bad, he’s not exactly all good either. I suppose it’s all on which side you find yourself, or what you think about is grey morals, but his heart is always in the right spot, especially when you dig more into his story.

Echo Adler is a good girl, for the most part, she is afterall at St. Mary’s for troubled teens. As she tries to do good deeds, sometimes it backfires, or she doesn’t exactly think things through…haven’t we all been there or done that. As with a lot of the girls who attend St. Mary’s, Echo is a bit naive, but it’s the boy who basically stalks her dreams that opens her up to worldly ways. Reign is possessive and over the top, but would we expect anything less of the men who fall for these Rebels of St. Mary’s…never.

Echo Adler hates Reign Davidson. He’s the reason the love of her life left her all alone and broken hearted two years ago.

So it should be easy to stay away.

It should be easy to not dream about his dark and mean eyes, or his cruel but sexy smirks. It should be easy to not think about the guy who ruined her happily ever after.

Only it’s not.

Sometimes his intense stares make her heart race, and those smirks of his make her breathless.

But it needs to stop.

Because she has a mission: to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. And Echo will be damned if she keeps dreaming about Reign.

The guy who not only makes her sick with hate but who also happens to be her ex’s best friend.

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Cover Reveal - 2023, Year of Releases - 2023

Cover Reveal – Wood You Be Mine? By Daphne Elliot


WOOD YOU BE MINE? A Grumpy Lumberjack Romance (Lovewell Lumberjacks Book 1)  by Daphne Elliot releases on February 2nd. We are so excited to share this gorgeous cover with you!!! 

Preorder WOOD YOU BE MINE? A Grumpy Lumberjack Romance (Lovewell Lumberjacks Book 1) today!!!

Check out the series here:


The first time I met the grumpy lumberjack next door, I almost burnt down his cabin. 

The second time, I was throwing tampons at a moose (don’t ask). 

The third time, I was naked. 

And Henri Gagnon is not just my neighbor and landlord, but a pain in my optimistic, plus sized ass. He’s got a protective streak under his grumpy exterior and he’s convinced I won’t last through the Maine winter. 

I’m going to show him and the rest of this small town that they’re wrong. I have one year to prove myself as the new elementary school principal or I’ll be getting the ax. So I just don’t have time to pine away for the grumpy lumberjack next door, no matter how good he looks chopping wood in his suspenders or the way he growls when he calls me buttercup. 

But soon I’m falling headfirst down a hill, and into a full blown crush when he carries me home. He’s distracted trying to save his family’s lumber business, and I’ve got a school to run, and this small town is not as sleepy as it seems. But despite our differences, the heat between us makes it hard to stay away. 

Could we actually be right for each other? What happens if I ask him if he Wood Be Mine?

Author’s Note: Wood You Be Mine is a standalone, full length, small town romance featuring a grumpy lumberjack hero with a heart of gold and a plus sized, sunshine school principal trying to survive in the woods of northern Maine. If you enjoy flirty banter, ax throwing, wood chopping, and slow dancing, come meet the Lovewell Lumberjacks. 

Series Blurb:

Welcome to Lovewell Maine, where the moose outnumber the people and you can’t swing an ax without hitting a hot, grumpy lumberjack. Filled with humor, heart and heat, the Lovewell Lumberjacks will melt Kindles in 2023. 

Photographer: Jane Ashley Converse

Cover Designer: Sarah at Enchanting Designs  

Find more books by Daphne Elliot here:

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In High School, Daphne Elliot was voted “most likely to become a romance novelist.” After spending the last decade as a corporate lawyer, she has finally embraced her destiny. Her small town steamy novels are filled with flirty banter, sexy hijinks, and lots and lots of heart.

Daphne is a coffee-drinking, hot-sauce loving introvert who spends all her free time in her garden. She lives on a small farm in New England with her husband, two kids, two dogs, twelve backyard chickens and a hive of Italian honey bees.


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Cover Reveal - 2023, Year of Releases - 2023

Cover Reveal – Blood of My Monster by Rina Kent

Rina Kent has revealed the gorgeous covers for the Monster trilogy!


Blood of My Monster Releasing: January 26, 2023

I’m out for revenge. He’s out to rule the world.

Kirill and I are as different as day and night.

We shouldn’t have been in the same frame or universe.

But we meet under the strangest circumstances.

He’s my superior in the military and the man who’ll introduce me to carnage.

His charm and exterior perfection shouldn’t have tempted me.

Behind the smokescreen lurks a manipulative emotionless monster.

And that monster might find out all my secrets, including the reason why I’m pretending to be a man.

He might also lure me to the point of no return.

Pre-order your copy today!


Amazon Worldwide:

Special Edition covers coming January 9th!


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Meet Rina

Rina Kent is an international bestselling author of everything enemies to lovers romance.
Darkness is her playground, suspense is her best friend, and twists are her brain’s food. However, she likes to think she’s a romantic at heart in some way, so don’t kill her hopes just yet.
Her heroes are anti-heroes and villains because she was always the weirdo who fell in love with the guys no one roots for. Her books are sprinkled with a touch of mystery, a healthy dose of angst, a pinch of violence, and lots of intense passion.
Rina spends her private days in a peaceful town in North Africa daydreaming about the next plot idea or laughing like an evil mastermind when those ideas come together.

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Cover Reveal - 2023, Year of Releases - 2023

Cover Reveal – Savage Lies by Isla Vaughn


Savage Lies by Isla Vaughn is coming March 30th and we have the entire Hidden Valley Elite series cover reveal today!!

Savage Lies - Isla Vaughn - E-Cover

Preorder your copy of Savage Lies by Isla Vaughn today!


About Savage Lies

Brought down by a kiss.

Blackmailed by the class MVP.

On the brink of destruction.

Moving to a new town and taking on a new identity was supposed to keep me safe. News flash, it didn’t. Instead, it put me right into the most dangerous place imaginable. Cole Savage’s line of sight.

Stupid, perfect, and one of four members of the untouchable elite. They’re the Academy’s football stars, gods among their peers. And from the first day of school, he put a target on my back. All because of one stupid kiss.

My secrets are dark and dangerous. But based on the fury that drives Cole to ruin me, so are his. We’re both facing destruction, and he’s determined not to let me win.

He doesn’t know it, but he’s met his match. I’ll use his hate, and I’ll teach him that it burns as hot as his lust. And if he wants a war, I’ll give him one.

Savage Lies is an enemies-to-lovers, new adult, high school bully romance with plenty of angst. This book contains mature content that some readers may find disturbing. It is not a standalone and does end in a cliffhanger that continues with a ton of heat and a HEA in Savage Truth.

Isla Vaughn - Main Logo - JPEG

Meet Isla Vaughn

Isla Vaughn is the author of the Hidden Valley Elite series. Her romance books are full of complex characters, strong alpha males, and the fierce women who bring them to their knees. When not writing, she can be found daydreaming about owning a beach house, reading, or drinking too much coffee while having in-depth conversations with her two adorable kittens.

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Cover Reveal - 2023, Year of Releases - 2023

Cover Reveal – The Redwood University Trilogy by Poppy Ireland


The Redwood University Trilogy by Poppy Ireland – a secret pen name for two USA Today Bestselling Authors, is coming soon and we have the pleasure of sharing the BEAUTIFUL covers of the entire trilogy today!


Preorder Book One, To Reject A Mate now!


About To Reject A Mate

Welcome to Redwood University, where the creatures that go bump in the night really do exist… and they’re hiding in plain sight.

Attending a small college in the middle of nowhere was never my plan, but when I was offered free tuition and the promise of an excellent education, that plan changed.

It would’ve been nice to know I would be one of the only humans on campus.

It’d be even better if a certain bossy shifter didn’t claim me as his fated mate.

Alexei is arrogant, acrimonious, and the worst A-word of them all: an alpha.

But I can’t deny the way my body responds to him. No matter how many warning flags are waving around in my head, we gravitate toward one another. It’s primal. Passionate.


Because regardless of what the fates think, or the supposed destiny we share… Alexei and I could never be.

So, if Alexei won’t reject our bond… I’ll have to do it for him.

*To Reject a Mate is the first book in the Redwood University Trilogy. It cannot be read as a standalone and ends in a cliffhanger. If possessive heroes, who occasionally turn into wolves, and sassy, headstrong heroines are your jam, you’ve come to the right place. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride into this exciting new paranormal world.


Meet Poppy Ireland

Poppy Ireland is an author of paranormal and fantasy romance. She is the fictional brainchild of two longtime friends and USA Today Bestselling Authors who like to use their freaky mind melding powers to write spicy romantasy stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

If you’re wondering who we are, well, that’s a secret we’ll never tell.



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New Release – Total Chaos by Nikki Ash

Title: Total Chaos
Series: Love & Lyrics
Author: Nikki Ash
Release: January 5, 2023
Genre: Friends to Lovers, Rock Star Romance
Cover Designer: Jersey Girl Design
Photographer: Wander Aguiar Photography
Model: Alex C.
Audiobook Narrators: Teddy Hamilton & Sarah Puckett

From USA Today Bestselling Author Nikki Ash comes a Runaway Bride, Friends to Lovers, Rock Star Romance…
My life has been an endless loop of heartache and breakup songs.
I’ve lived in fear that I’m broken and will never find the kind of love that would piece me back together into something whole.
When my boyfriend proposes, I say yes, desperate for an easy fix. For a super-glue solution.
But, on the day of my wedding, when my dad tells me to follow my heart, it doesn’t lead me down the aisle.
Instead, it takes me straight to Declan Pierce’s car—where I crash his road trip.
The more time we spend together, the more he shows me it’s okay to be broken.
With him, lyrics aren’t just words on paper.
Promises aren’t just whispers in the dark.
And having a few cracks…well, they help the light come through.
I’ve had feelings for my best friend’s sister for as long as I can remember.
Watching her jump from guy to guy, I’ve been biding my time, waiting for the right moment to tell her.
And then she does something I never thought she’d do…she gets engaged.
This is the part where I’m starting to accept that the woman I love will never be mine.
Until she jumps into my car in her wedding gown and tells me to floor it.
With Kendall in my passenger seat and the past in the rearview mirror, I plan to do whatever it takes to show her that she doesn’t need super glue.
She needs to find the beauty in the cracks.