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Review – Indecent Proposal by Erika Wilde

Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal; Indecent #1
(#1 within a series)

Publication Date: January 19, 2023

Genre/Tropes: Intrigue/BDSM elements/Suspense Romance

Author: Erika Wilde

Review Rating: 4.5 Gold Stars


Great suspense, mystery, and tension to begin this new series.

I loved how this series began, it caught and held my attention right from the start. The suspense was great and figuring out the mystery on who was after Claire held my attention all the way through, but it was the relationship between Claire and Vaughn that I could have just scrolled right past, to be honest. It wasn’t that I didn’t care, but it seemed to take center stage when Claire was literally in a life and death situation and at times it seemed out of place.

While Vaughn uses all of his skills, he works hard to figure out who is trying to kill Claire, while she is hidden away in a safe house. She’s not entirely alone, since Vaughn heads there often both debrief and to de-brief Claire – wink wink. Subtle I know, which is everything these two are not as Vaughn and Claire delve into light D/s and some other kinks, enjoy!

So, we really don’t get to meet the other members of Vaughn’s firm but for some very brief moments, but I am intrigued enough to jump back in and get to know more.

It wasn’t every day that I was shot at by a sniper. But this was now my life, being hunted by someone my (dead) ex-fiancé had crossed. They thought I had something he’d taken, and they weren’t going to stop until they had what they wanted.

I went to the best security company around, but what I ended up with was a bodyguard who was as hot and tempting as he was grumpy and annoyingly bossy. Vaughn reluctantly took me on as a client, despite my inability to pay, and put me in his own personal safehouse with a set of rules to follow.

But a few of those rules? Yeah, I broke them just because I knew it would provoke him. What I didn’t anticipate was the kind of punishment he decided to dole out . . . and it wasn’t long before we went from enemies, to lovers, and an indecent proposal was struck between us.

We both swore it was all temporary, but the closer Vaughn gets to finding out who is after me and why, I realize walking away from this man might be much harder than I’d ever imagined.

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Review – Villains Are Made by Alta Hensley

Villains Are Made

Villains Are Made

Publication Date: January 17, 2023

Genre/Tropes: Antihero/Dark/Erotica Romance

Author: Alta Hensley

Review Rating: 4 Gold Stars


Honestly, I went back and forth between loving this book and sort of not.

The blurb definitely drew me in and I love a good villain story. The first quarter of the story was engaging and drew me in, but then the plot sort of goes off script and I was left wondering what was happening as the storyline fazed in and out.

The book is dark, I will give it that. It’s super dark within the realm of BDSM and it fits those parts of the book when it needs that darkness. However, within the whole realm of the Daphne and Apollo plot or even just the Godwin family, there are a lot of unanswered questions for this book. I’m still scratching my head on things left unsaid.

Just when I felt like I was making a connection I’d fall into a plot hole and come out the otherside with even more questions. It just left me feeling like I attended a buffet, but I still left hungry. Even crazier, with the ending of this book, I still want to read more. I know, I’m still hungry what can I say?

I’ll leave with this; for the most part, I really liked Apollo, aside from a few moments, but even then he redeemed himself in his villainously, if that makes sense. Daphne…well, I had a really hard time liking much of anything about her and I’ll leave it at that. I’m a tad fascinated by the other Godwin’s so I’m crossing my fingers that future books fill in some of the current plot holes.

I know how villains are made.
I’ve watched their secrets rise from the ashes and emerge from the shadows.
As part of a family tree with roots so twisted, I’m strangled by their vine.
Imprisoned in a world of decadence and sin, I’ve seen Gods among men.
And he is one of them.

He is the villain.
He is the enemy who demands to be the lover.
He is the monster who has shown me pleasure but gives so much pain.
But something has changed…
He’s different.
Wildly possessive as his obsession with me grows to an inferno that can’t be controlled.

Yes… he is the villain.
And he is the end of my beginning.

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Blog Tour – Ice Burn by L.A. Cotton

Release Date: January 10

Ice Burn (Lakeshore U, #1)

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rixon Raider series comes a brand new sports romance series. Lakeshore U, where hockey is religion, and the players are gods. Are you ready to fall in love with a Laker?
When Dayna Benson moves home, she doesn’t expect to feel so torn. On the one hand, she’s glad to be back in Dupont Beach. But it means parting ways with her boyfriend and facing ghosts she thought she’d left behind.

Enter Aiden Dumfries.

Arrogant. Angry. With enough attitude to freeze over Lake Erie, he’s determined not to let anyone help him.

When he finds himself exiled to the small coastal town after a scandal that could ruin his hockey career before it gets started, his plans for summer break are dashed.

He’s Lakeshore U’s bad boy on the ice. She’s sunshine, smiles, and something that feels a lot like hope.

But can Dayna melt Aiden’s heart?

Or will she end up burned?

* Ice Burn is a standalone introductory novel set in the Lakeshore U series.

Grab Your Copy Here!

Meet L.A. Cotton

USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over forty mature young adult and new adult novels, LA COTTON is happiest writing the kind of books she loves to read: addictive stories full of teenage angst, tension, twists and turns.

Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time writer with being a mother/referee to two little people. In her spare time (and when she’s not camped out in front of the laptop) you’ll most likely find LA immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life.

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Blog Tour – The Hatesick Diaries by Saffron A Kent

Release Date: January 10

The Hatesick Diaries (St. Mary’s Rebels, #5)

Echo Adler hates Reign Davidson. He’s the reason the love of her life left her all alone and broken hearted two years ago.

So it should be easy to stay away.

It should be easy to not dream about his dark and mean eyes, or his cruel but sexy smirks. It should be easy to not think about the guy who ruined her happily ever after.

Only it’s not.

Sometimes his intense stares make her heart race, and those smirks of his make her breathless.

But it needs to stop.

Because she has a mission: to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. And Echo will be damned if she keeps dreaming about Reign.

The guy who not only makes her sick with hate but who also happens to be her ex’s best friend.

NOTE: This is a standalone set in the world of St. Mary’s.

Grab Your Copy Here!

Saffron A. Kent is a USA Today Bestselling Author of Contemporary and New Adult romance.

She has an MFA in Creative Writing and she lives in New York City with her nerdy and supportive husband, along with a million and one books.

She also blogs. Her musings related to life, writing, books and everything in between can be found in her JOURNAL on her website (

To learn more about Saffron and her books, visit here!
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