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Review -A Brooding Bodyguard by Angela Casella

A Brooding Bodyguard (Fairy Godmother Agency)

A Brooding Bodyguard; Fairy Godmother Agency #3
(Standalone within an interconnected series)

Publication Date: January 16, 2023

Genre/Tropes: Romcom/Opposites Attract Romance

Author: Angela Casella

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A Brooding Bodyguard has antics, the fairy godmothers are back and they are hilarious, the main characters bring heat and steamy chemistry, and then we have mystery – so let’s talk about who is stalking Sinclair? Yes, I loved trying to piece the clues together right along side the Scooby-Doo like crew. This book brings it all!

On top of the mystery and hilarity of the story, Sinclair and Rafe also circle around their feelings for one another which is steamy, steamy good. Rafe is Sinclair’s bodyguard so it’s not completely cut and dry, since his attention is on his job – well guarding her body and part of his job duties are hiding in the backyard so they can catch her stalker not living in the spotlight where a relationship between them would put him. There is also the small hindrance of Sinclair’s fake relationship with Edgar James. While it make be fake to them, the world believes its very real. Rafe can’t exactly hold her hand in public while Edgar is still in the picture.

To say their problems compound as the story progresses is putting it mildly, but it never once dampens the heat between them. Whether it’s the thrill, the forbidden, or just the pure chemistry between the both of them something works and it works very well.

I loved this new addition to the fairy godmother series. It was a ton of fun to read while figuring out the mystery of who was behind everything.

It’s not easy being famous. Okay, you already hate me…can we start over?

I’m Sinclair Jones, best known for playing a woman ten years younger than me on TV. Or at least I was until I quit my job and moved to Asheville.

I came here to find myself. Instead, I tried—and failed—at a bunch of hobbies before landing a gig I don’t suck at: being the fake girlfriend of a reality TV outdoorsman. Our arrangement is great for my image—and his—but there’s been an unwanted side-effect.

I have a stalker, and he’s escalating.

Luckily, the Fairy Godmother Agency, a husband and wife P.I. team, have signed on to help me find my stalker. Unluckily, everyone has insisted I hire a bodyguard.

Rafe is obnoxious and opinionated, and he calls me Clay because I once threw a clay phallus at him. (Yes, literally.) I don’t want his help, and I especially don’t want this compulsion to keep checking out his arms.

The last thing I want to do is follow around a TV starlet, but I’m in between jobs, and I have my reasons for taking this one. Still, I’m in hell, sitting in on manicures and book club meetings, and watching romcoms with a spoiled screen princess who’s surprisingly naïve for a millionaire.

But the more time I spend with Clay, the more desperate I am to protect her, because I’m falling for her charm—just like millions of other people have before me.

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