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Review – No Such Queen by Coralee June

No Such Queen; Bloody Royals #2
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: February 22, 2023

Genre/Tropes: Royal/Dark/Mafia/Reverse Harem/Second Chance/Arranged Marriage/Forbidden Romance

Author: Coralee June

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


Secrets unfold, the love story really begins to take shape and it’s hotter than ever, plus the plot thickens – yes, that’s right – it’s growing tense in the kingdom of Aldrich, but don’t worry Dadicus is here to lead us into temptation.

If there was a true player among the three men vying for Christine’s affection it would be Atticus, but please let me clarify the term player in my sentence before continuing. Atticus, or Dadicus as he’s becoming fondly known among readers, is a master chess player. He’s been moving people into place for years. Manipulating his way into the right position to be exactly where he currently is; by Christine’s side. A true king to sit by his queen. He’s only done everything in his life to end up by her side…sigh…has it all been on the up and up…eh…let’s not look at his underbelly, but aren’t antiheros extra delicious?

I loved getting into the mind of Atticus. He was brilliant on how he handled August in his grief and despair. He’s been excellent on how to tackle Leo and his hesitancy regarding Christine. Atticus is the perfect center in their man triangle and the perfect grounding point for Christine. He sees her for all of her perfection and all of her darkness. He just accepts her, always has and always will.

And speaking of a man triangle, will they, won’t they? You’ll have to read and find out for yourself how hot Coralee sizzles this quadrouple? What is the term for four people in a relationship? Anyway….

Yes, the plot moves forward along with their harem relationship, with lots of spice and hotness splashed throughout. This is only book two so there is still more story to unfold with hanging questions to the big cliffhanger that we all need answers to like right now!!

Atticus Dupont is my stalker. My savior.

He wants to keep me to himself.

Prince August saved my life. Just as I started to trust him, I was yanked from his arms and thrown into the deadly underbelly of the criminal kingdom. Atticus is my only ally in this place, and he revels in knowing that I must rely on him if I want to survive–if I want to get back to my husband.

Atticus is dangerous, and I don’t trust him.

I despise him.

I ache for him.

But the playboy billionaire has demons of his own.

Somehow, I started to fall for him. And I can’t leave now.

Mighty is the sword.

Violent, are the crown’s enemies.

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Review – Three to Get Ready by Skye Warren

Three to Get Ready; One For the Money-Hughes #3
(#3 within a series)

Publication Date: February 16, 2023

Genre/Tropes: Trilogy/Midnight Dynasty/Fake Dating/Surprise Pregnancy Romance

Author: Skye Warren

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


This was one of the less angsty stories in the Midnight Dynasty world, but no less worthy to be there. Eva and Finn are a power couple that just work together and I love how this final book came together. It was the perfect way to end this trilogy.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s is real and sad and there is currently no cure for this debilitating disease. It’s one that Finn has faced knowing that it runs in his family and it’s coming for him. As much as he fought against Eva for this very reason, he finally comes to the conclusion that there is no stopping what is right in front of him, life. He loves Eva and she loves him. He is going to be a father. He will most likely suffer from the family curse, but should he already live the rest of his life like it’s over?

The Morelli’s rally around their sister and Finn, for once, let’s his family help him too. I love how Skye wrote this beautiful story about two powerful people who normally help those around them, but needed that extra boost during a tough time in their own lives. She also tackled an emotional topic and handled it beautifully.

There’s a ticking time bomb in Finn Hughes’s head.

That means he has to prepare everyone. Eva. The baby. The company, which is in an uproar after the announcement. He needs to get them ready. Because when the curse hits, it will be too late to say goodbye.
Welcome to the Midnight Dynasty… The warring Morelli and Constantine families have enough bad blood to fill an ocean, and their brand new stories will be told by your favorite dangerous romance authors.

WARNING: This book is intended for readers eighteen years old and over. It contains material that some readers could find disturbing. Enter at your own risk…

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Review – A Tangle of Awful by K. Webster

A Tangle of Awful; Park Mountain #2
(standalone within an interconnected series)

Publication Date: February 21, 2023

Genre/Tropes: Ménage/Forbidden/Step-family/Age-Gap/Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Author: K. Webster

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


What a delicious tangled web of storytelling!!

The Park family tree is ka-ra-zzzzie and I love how tangled up it continues to get! I should know better than to go into one of Webster’s books with expectations because she always goes left when I think she will go right and I love those mind blowing moments. The Tangle of Awful was nothing like I expected and it was everything better than I could have wanted!!

There is a ton of tension between Spencer and Aubrey and also with Hugo and Aubrey. She is torn between both Park men in completely different ways. Spencer Park is Aubrey’s stepbrother and he’s a total jerk, in the best ways ;). Hugo Park is Aubrey’s stepfather and he’s the caring adult in her life that she’s never really had. As each relationship develops they are totally different and I loved how they were independent from each other, even though each Park man was with the same woman.

Aubrey hasn’t really had stability in her life, except for a few years that she lived with the Parks when she was younger. She moved away, but after her father kicks her out and she has no where else to go she heads back to the one place she’d felt safe, the Parks. Aside from navigating her new relationships with the men in her life, it isn’t the mess of her heart that has her doubting moving back, mysterious things are happening and she refuses to let her family get hurt because she appears to be cursed with an awful life.

From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster comes a new steamy age-gap, enemies-to-lovers “why choose” forbidden romance!

He’s a successful attorney with a secret craving for his too-young stepdaughter.
He wants her badly. But his wicked son wants her too…

Love is an illusion.
In my world, collecting the shiniest trophies is what I do.
Beautiful wife. Swanky home. Expensive cars. Successful firm. Future attorney general.
Add in the Park family name and I’m the envy of every man in town.
True love, however, was never attainable, no matter how much I secretly wanted it.

The desire to be loved isn’t my only secret.
My wife is missing.
With my life under scrutiny as I run for office, I’m finding it difficult to lie away her whereabouts. People are starting to notice. My political opponent. Her best friend. And worst of all, my wife’s daughter, Aubrey.

Aubrey is finally back home after two long years with her dad, but she’s asking questions I don’t have answers to. Yet, that’s not all she’s doing…
She’s invading my thoughts and my heart, driving me insane with her beauty and vulnerability.

I want her.
She’s barely legal and my wife’s daughter.
Forbidden and morally wrong.
I can’t have her. I can’t.

My son, though, doesn’t live by the same code I do.
He wants her too.
But not to love…to destroy.

I’ll risk everything to keep him from her.
Even if this tangle of awful costs me my reputation, my campaign, and my son.

***This is a complete mfm standalone novel with a happily ever after. Characters are of legal age and there is no romantic involvement between blood relations. ***

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Review – The Baby Blitz by Lex Martin

The Baby Blitz; Varsity Dad’s #3
(Interconnected standalone within a series)

Publication Date: February 21, 2023

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Surprise Pregnancy/Sports/Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Author: Lex Martin

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


A sweetly adorable, enemies-to-lovers romance. Michael Oliver, or Olly as he’s fondly known, was too cute as a baby daddy, but I think what I enjoyed most of all were the pranks that the two of them played over the years. It lead to so much great chemistry.

Michael and Magnolia, or Olly and Maggie, were just too cute together. Their frenemy to lover status was great with tons of tension that was all directed towards building the perfect relationship. Plus, every time things would get close to just about perfect, there was just enough angst to set it off course, but not too much angst to make me want to throw the book across the room, so hence the book was perfect! If you couldn’t tell, I loved this story and the world they live in.

I love that each character has real world struggles while dealing with the ramifications of their one night together, along with the fact that they’ve been enemies for so many years. There is a lot that they can’t just brush under the rug and I’m so happy that Lex doesn’t allow them to either.

While this is the third book, with a similar theme – surprise baby, each story has been very different. I love that Lex continues books around this baby theme and pulled out so many tropes from the same group of friends. Each new book is addictive and fun to read.

A sexy, enemies-to-lovers, brother’s best friend romance from USA Today bestselling author Lex Martin.

Two pink lines won’t change the bad blood between us.

I haven’t always hated my brother’s best friend, but Michael Oliver gets under my skin and brings out the worst in me. He knows how to push my buttons, and I relish pushing all of his. He betrayed my trust years ago, so I’ve made it my mission in life to aggravate him until he admits he was wrong.

When his sister’s wedding brings us together, Michael suggests a truce for one night. If only he weren’t so handsome and smart, maybe I could resist the allure, but I’ve always been a little impulsive, and this man is my ultimate temptation. After years of pent-up frustration and unrequited lust, I finally let down my guard, and that’s all it takes for us to combust.

But like all bad decisions, the morning after brings a reckoning, and I leave his hotel room swearing to never waste another moment of my time pining after him. Who needs that grumpy jerk warming her bed? Not me.

I don’t let myself think about that steamy night together, or how it pained me to hear about his football injury, or how much I know he wants to get drafted so he can help his family. Because I’m cutting Michael out of my life for good.

Only the two little pink lines mean I can’t forget him. Even if I desperately want to.

* * *

The Baby Blitz features a college football player and the feisty girl next door, the one he swore he’d never make a move on. One-click if you enjoy steamy enemies-to-lovers romances with lots of angst and humor. This is a companion standalone to The Varsity Dad Dilemma and Tight Ends & Tiaras.

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Review – All of Me by Siobhan Davis

All of Me; The Complete Series
(Complete series)

Publication Date: February 28, 2023

Genre/Tropes: New Adult/Angsty/Contemporary Romance

Author: Siobhan Davis

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


My absolute favorite heartbreaking, sobbing multiple times, but totally worth all the tears series!!!

I’m so excited that everything about this story is in one spot and it can be enjoyed all at once. Even though I’ve read these books before, I couldn’t wait to open the pages and read through them again. All of the love, angst and tears came rushing back and it was just as beautiful to experience all over again.

Say I’m The One is the first part of the duet. It’s super angsty and made me constantly wonder which team do I side with; Reeve or Dillon. Could Siobhan just rip out my heart a little more….ahhhh!?! It is a book that, once you pick it up will not be put down. Thankfully the second one is right there because the angst continues in Let Me Love You.

I swear this is Siobhan Davis’ most emotional book to date!! This book includes high intensity, cliff diving emotions where it was almost impossible to read through all of my tears. Just when I thought my heart couldn’t squeeze anymore or that my throat couldn’t choke back any more of my tears, another emotional moment happens and suddenly the words blurred on the page and I had to stop anyway because I could no longer read what’s in front of me. This happened over and over again while reading the second half of this duet. I was truly an emotional mess. I’m normally a quick reader, but until someone invents windshield wipers for my eyeballs, I had to stop multiple times because it was a tropical storm happening right in front of my face making it impossible to read or even breathe.

Let Me Love You is real in a way that connected to pieces of my life which made those waterworks fall over and over. At the heart and center of the story is Vivian. She is loved, and loves, by two men who are very different, but who are also quite similar. There is a reason for that connection and why it runs so deep, but I’ll let you discover why and how she gets to her final choice. It’s obviously emotional and truly a beautiful story. Can I mention how touching it was one more time? I need a moment to go wipe my face…

Then we get to the some of the best parts of this complete series. Reading Hold Me Close was a heart-twisting, but perfect piece of the pie I didn’t know I was missing. It takes place several years after the original duet when their children are older.

The hardest part of being a parent is never knowing what the ramifications will be on the decisions you make. Every stroke of a butterfly’s wings makes the slightest change in an outcome, at least that is what they say…Children are living products of the choices their parents made years before, but as parents all we see is the beauty of those choices, but as the child in any family…well, life always looks very different. Especially when you are a teenager.

Siobhan never fails to wring every last drop of emotional wreckage out of me, which I absolutely love. I’m soooooooo happy that this bonus material exists, even with all the angst she loves to deliver.

This box set/complete series is perfection! Don’t miss one one of the best emtional reads.

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Siobhan Davis comes an emotional, angsty, new adult romance series that will rip your heart apart before mending it again.

I’m head over heels in love with my best friend. Although, I can’t pinpoint exactly when Reeve Lancaster became my entire world.

Was it when we were little kids, practically brought up together, after Reeve’s mom died during childbirth and his dad subsequently fell apart? Or when I doodled his name in my school journal at age ten? Maybe it was when we became boyfriend and girlfriend at fourteen or when we shed our virginity at sixteen, pledging our forever?

I was there as his star ascended—like I’d always known it would—and there wasn’t a prouder person on the planet. As the only child of Hollywood’s golden couple, I’ve lived my life in the spotlight enough to know it wasn’t what I wanted for my future. But I sacrificed my own desires, because Reeve’s happiness meant everything to me.

Until he crushed my heart into itty-bitty pieces, forcing me to fly halfway around the world just to escape the gut-wrenching pain.

The opportunity to study at Trinity College Dublin came at the perfect moment, and I jumped at the chance without hesitation. If I’d known fate was meddling in my life, perhaps I would have chosen differently, but my future was cemented the instant I laid eyes on him.

Dillon O’Donoghue was Reeve’s polar opposite in every way, and perhaps, that’s why I felt drawn to him. He was the dark to my light. The thorn in my side, irritating me with his cold disdain, wild recklessness, and a burning rage hidden deep inside him that spoke to a silent part within me. Yet Dillon showed me what it was like to truly live, opening my eyes to endless possibilities.

What happened next was inevitable, and I only have myself to blame. He warned me, and I knew my reprieve was temporary, because there is only so far I can run.

Especially when fate hasn’t finished messing with me yet.

This series collection box set includes the following content:
• Say I’m One
• Let Me Love You
• Hold Me Close
• Exclusive bonus content

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