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Review – Lies of My Monster by Rina Kent

Lies of My Monster; Monster Trilogy #2
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: March 2, 2023

Genre/Tropes: Mafia/Dark/Trilogy/Military Romance

Author: Rina Kent

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars


The second book, in this all consuming series, delves darker, got angstier, and builds a more intimate relationship between the monster and his obsession.

I was once again hooked and drawn in to this fascinating world built by Rina Kent and found it extremely hard to put down in the late night hours even knowing I had to get at least a couple hours sleep before waking up to go to work….boooo for work!! LOL!

Sasha and Kirill’s relationship was torn after Russia. How do you build trust after destroying it in the worst way possible? It’s nearly impossible, but no one said that Sasha or Kirill were quitters. They are two of the most driven, insanely focused, and hard headed characters Rina’s written to date. Personally, I love that both of them have these characteristics because it creates intense volcanic emotions that result in high heat reactions on the page. It obviously makes for electrifying reading and a couple that, no matter how morally gray they are, I’m rooting for them.

Rina Kent is a one click author for me because her writing is always top notch. She captures the best emotions, whether they are right or wrong or somewhere in between. As the reader, I always feel everything the character is feeling. It clearly makes her books a page turning obsession for me, since I get so sucked in I lose all sense of time and space, hence the lack of sleep, but it’s totally worth it!!

Lies of My Monster is another Rina Kent best. It’s a high stakes, angsty ride, with a jaw dropping cliffhanger book! Now, I can’t wait to jump back in and finish this trilogy to find out how everything comes together in the finale. I need answers and I know Rina will deliver. I’m anxiously excited.

From the USA Today bestselling author Rina Kent comes a new dark mafia romance.

In our brutal world, there’s no such thing as the truth.
Lies overflow until they become a reality.
But I’m determined to uncover what happened to my family.
One problem, though.
My monster, Kirill.
We are not the same anymore.
It’s become hard to trust one another.
But it’s downright impossible to stay away from each other.
It’s mad, chaotic, and wrong, but it’s us.
And we might have to pay for it with blood.

This book is part of a trilogy and can’t be read on its own.

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