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Review – Unstoppable by K.A. Knight

Unstoppable; Pretty Liars #1
(#1 within a series)

Publication Date: March 10, 2023

Genre/Tropes: Book Duet/Suspense/Dark/Found Family/Military/Reverse Harem Romance

Author: K.A. Knight

Review Rating: 4.5 Gold Stars


A fascinating book the deeper it went and holy moly was it hot!!

I loved the premise of the plot, superhumans created by an evil mad scientist, but I’m going to admit, the plot was also lot of fast paced and then wait. So it was like driving through town and hitting lots of red stoplights; a whole lot of frustrating, but I still wanted to get to the final destination, if that makes sense.

Nova is the daughter of the mad scientist, which for me made part of this book intriguing. The other part is she gets roped into stopping her father by Jonas, Nico, Dimitri, Louis, and Isaac. These are men who we come to find out are just like her. They too have been experimented on, abused, and transformed into these superhuman beings, and they too want vengeance over what was done to them. Exciting right?!

While they track down clues to stopping the mad man, it’s through their shared trauma and instant chemistry that brings the heat and honestly not a lot of drama, because these guys are already bonded brothers through what they’ve been through. If there was anything that helped with the stop light waiting it was the firecracker intense heat!!

Nova was a great female lead, not only for her strong personality, but for how she handled each of the guys. After a lifetime of practically being isolated, she was quickly able to to figure out how to work with five strong men, physically and emotionally. Nova was fascinating to read, not discrediting the guys at all, but there was just a lack of background information on each one of them which made getting to know them a bit harder, aside from Jonas who instantly captured my heart for his sarcastic and snarky personality, it just took basically the rest of the book before I could even distinguish the rest of the guys. I hope there is more insight in the next part of this duet because I am still very captivated by this story and want to know how it all plays out.

My father is a genius.
A scientist determined to unlock the human potential.
Only his experiments?
He conducted them on me.
I managed to escape his cruel, painful control, and for years I hid.
Until one day, news comes of his death.
Along with the fact his experiments are still being carried out.
This time I cannot run, I cannot hide.
I must stop them once and for all.
He thought he was invincible…. but me?

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