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New Release – Holiday Magic Anthology

Tis the season for a paranormal and contemporary romance anthology with a touch of magic everyone will fall in love with.

Make this winter magical with SIX BRAND NEW Holiday romances. Six amazingly talented and bestselling authors come to together in this paranormal and contemporary winter holiday romance anthology collection of Holiday Magic with vampires, witches, shifters, and humans.

By: TL Reeve, Kim Carmichael, Brigitte Ann Thomas, K. Williams, A.K. Hudson, and T. A. Moorman



A look inside…

Snowbound by TL Reeve

Eight Nights in Eden by Kim Carmichael

I Loved a Warlock from Wichita by Brigitte Ann Thomas

Spark of Solstice by A.K. Hudson


Tarnished Knight by K. Williams

Maia has resigned herself to living life alone, but lately
she’s been restless. Maybe it has something to do with the
handsome, hurt stranger who comes to the diner every night
to walk her to her car after work. When she decides it’s time
to try new things, the first impulsive act on her list is
inviting Dominic to Thanksgiving dinner.

Dominic is nursing wounds from the past, but in Maia he
sees a chance to start again – a chance at the wife and
family he’s always wanted. But when his feelings for Maia
overwhelm him, will he run, or will he stand and fight for their love like a knight in tarnished armor?

Santa’s Curse by T. A. Moorman

What if Santa was a vampire?

Jacquelyn, an enchantress with an overprotective streak, thinks it’s up to her to protect her older sister, Jadine, an enchantress who’s also a paranoid hypochondriac. So, whenever a male comes along trying to use Jadine, Jackie gets rid of them, in a non-conventional way. When the last person Jacquelyn expects, a certain vampire she’s had a not so little crush on, seems to be
creeping around on her sister, she has no choice but to get rid of him, too. In front of witnesses. Only to find out one second too late that she had it all wrong.

Victor, like many males, has issues expressing how he truly feels. When he finally decides it’s time to stop running from fate and claim his mate, he goes to her sister for advice. But, creeping
in and out of Jadine’s place like a thief in the night leads the very person he wants to win over to draw all the wrong conclusions. Which leads to him trading in his pale good looks for a white beard and a red velvet suit.

Now that the town knows Jacquelyn is the one behind all of the disappearances, and thinking she’s killed all of those that are missing, they’re out for her blood. And the only one who can
save her is, well, Santa. But will he be able to make it back to her before it’s too late?

Enjoy a brand-new tale of how Santa Claus came to be.

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