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New Release – Lachlan in a Kilt by Anna Durand

Lachlan in a Kilt by Anna Durand is now live!

Lachlan MacTaggart is hot, Scottish, and dangerous — to a woman’s heart.

I’m done with love. My ex-wife made sure of that. When my American friend offers to swap houses with me for a month, I can’t say no. Chicago sounds like the perfect place for a holiday, until I find out there’s a sexy American lass living next door.

Erica Teague is bonnie, clever, and as wounded as I am. But I won’t ask her why. All I need is Erica in my bed for four weeks, no strings, just a summer fling. We won’t talk about our pasts, our lives, or anything except sex.

That’s the plan. But the woman who’s too young for me is determined to crawl under my skin and expose everything.

Lachlan in a Kilt is the first book in The Ballachulish Trilogy, a brand-new series based on the first three books in the bestselling Hot Scots series, reborn and retold from the heroes’ perspectives. Lachlan in a Kilt is coming soon in audio narrated by John Hartley.

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Meet Anna

Anna Durand is a bestselling, multi-award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her books have earned bestseller status on every major retailer and wonderful reviews from readers around the world. But that’s the boring spiel. Here are some really cool things you want to know about Anna!

Born on Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, Anna grew up moving here, there, and everywhere thanks to her dad’s job as an instructor pilot. She’s lived in Texas (twice), Mississippi, California (twice), Michigan (twice), and Alaska–and now Ohio.

As for her writing, Anna has always made up stories in her head, but she didn’t write them down until her teen years. Those first awful books went into the trash can a few years later, though she learned a lot from those stories. Eventually, she would pen her first romance novel, the paranormal romance Willpower, and she’s never looked back since.

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Review – Lachlan in a Kilt by Anna Durand

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Lachlan in a Kilt;The Ballachulish Trilogy #1
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: June 22, 2021

Genre/Tropes: International Holiday/Male POV/Age-Gap/Intrigue/Contemporary Romance

Author: Anna Durand

Review Rating: 4.5 Gold Stars

4.5 stars


I don’t get many chances to read all male POV books, especially with a swoony accent. Lachlan is all that and a bag of chips, especially in his kilt.

Lachlan MacTaggart is visiting America and house swapping with a friend when he sees the bonnie lass next door.  Erica Teague enchants him from day one, but he’s only in America for holiday for a month and definitely not looking for a long term relationship, but when he meets Erica at a club he decides to approach her and at least try a short term engagement. Setting up boundaries, rules, and knowing that he is leaving should help any long term feelings, but things get a bit more complicated as time moves forward.

Told completely from Lachlan’s POV, I loved all of the brogue, Scottish slang, and Gaelic terms that he continually used. I’m a huge sucker for an accent, so I adore reading them. I especially appreciate when the translation or definition is closely provided since I’m also a huge fan of learning as well. Lachlan is quite the sexy Scot, but he’s damaged by his past relationships, hence why he’s not looking for anything long term even if he was staying long term. He’s a bit older than Erica, so he takes that into account, but it doesn’t hold him back in the end from actually getting what he wants, into her knickers.

There is an ever present mystery surrounding Erica, but a large part is due to this book being told from Lachlan’s POV. Most of the plot is centered around the good times in the bedroom and not necessarily the actual bedroom times itself. Allow me to clarify…remember this book is strictly told from a male POV and what do men think about 95% of the time…I’m sure you can guess.The other 5% Lachlan basically is living his life; taking phone calls, handling business or just day to day things. His mind is truly occupied with the female form; how to please it, where to please it, what to do with it… you get the idea.

This is my first book by Anna Durand and I truly loved her walk with a Scotsman.


He’s hot, Scottish, and dangerous — to a woman’s heart.

Get ready for Lachlan MacTaggart’s story, coming in June 2021! Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Hot Scots books or you’re new to the series, you’ll love getting Lachlan’s version of Dangerous in a Kilt (Hot Scots, Book 1). Originally written from the heroine’s viewpoints, now the first three Hot Scots will be reborn and retold from the perspectives of the heroes themselves.

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